WWE NXT 6/4/16 Review

Air Date: 6/4/16

This is the first show after the incredible Takeover: Dallas and is still taped in Dallas. This show opens with commentary throwing to Cathy Kelly in the back who reminds us that Apollo Crews debuted on RAW this past week and then throws to a highlights of American Alpha vs. The Revival from Takeover. After that we get a little interview with AA right after they won the titles, Jason Jordan was clearly super emotional and it was a very nice moment.

We get the same for all of the matches on the card besides Zayn/Nakamura. After all of this we finally head to the ring where Elias Samson has a mic. Oh god. He tells the audience he wrote them a song and starts to sing only to be interrupted by chants of “We Want Wrestling” and then Apollo Crews.

Elias Samson vs. Apollo Crews

The only thing of interest in this match was Apollo Crews firing up a little bit after getting punched by Samson. Other than that this was a super boring, time killer of a match. Everyone agrees Samson is a bad wrestler, but Apollo has been just as bland since debuting and I have no idea why he is being called up. Crews pins Sampson with a toss powerbomb * ½

We head to highlights of Zayn/Nakamura and an interview with Sami to end the show.

Overall: 2.5

This was a glorified highlight show, which is fine considering we are just getting away from Wrestlemania weekend. I’ll give them a pass for now.


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