Wrestling Society X Episode 1 Review

Air Date: 30/1/06

Wrestling Society X was MTV’s weird attempt to cash in on pro-wrestling in 2006. It was weirdly 90s with a lot of over the top special effects and sound effects, and even had a live musical guest that would sit in on commentary. The show was a pretty big failure, only lasting 10 episodes with the finale never even broadcast, but looking back the roster was wonderfully weird having everyone from New Jack and Vic Grimes to a young Seth Rollins and Colt Cabana.

This debut episode started with commentary telling us about the main event, the WSX rumble which is basically a ladder match with two winners who will face each other in next week to crown the first ever WSX champion. We then throw to the ring, and my favourite part of WSX, the ring announcer. His name was Fabian Kaelin, better known as GQ Money or Ryan Katz of WWE/NXT fame. You have honestly never seen someone more excited about anything than this man, and he was really the god damn best.

Matt Sydal (w/Lizzy Valentine) vs. Jack Evans

This is the kind of wonderfully weird stuff I was hoping for from this little project. As far as I can tell from a quick Google search Lizzy Valentine didn’t really get up to much, her and Sydal are working a preppy college couple gimmick while Evans is in full hip hop gimmick. Production was a little annoying here, with lots of quick camera cuts that seemed to miss some of the action, but these two had exactly the kind of crazy spotty sprint you would expect. They worked for maybe 4 minutes, did a ton of flips, and then it ended. Perfect for the first match of a company. Jack Evans pins Matt Sydal with a 630 Splash *** ¼

We get a very quick video package on all of the tag teams of WSX, but everything was so quick that it just looked like a load of guys and nothing at all went in. After that we get a promo from Justin Credible of all people talking about being in the WSX rumble. We then instantly cut to New Jack threatening to kill Chris Hamrick, and then Teddy Hart shouts at us, and then two other guys for like a second. There is just so much going on here that it’s impossible to keep up.

WSX Rumble

This is basically a Royal Rumble, but the contracts hanging above the ring can only be grabbed once all ten men have entered the ring. Plus there are tables, live electrical wires, and a steel cage rigged with explosives at ringside. Fun. I don’t normally do play-by-play style reviews but I feel like this needs it. Out first are Justin Credible and Teddy Hart. Teddy does some flips until the next entrant comes out, Kaos of XPW fame. Hart and Credible team up against Kaos until Vampiro comes out as the next entrant and clears house, although of course Teddy Hart basically no sells him. We then head to commercial, during which time Puma (aka TJ Perkins) comes out and is immediately eliminated and Alkatrazz, who is another guy that I don’t think really came of much, comes out. 6-Pac is out next and goes straight after Vampiro as commentary talks about how great DX were. And then Chris Hamrick comes out chased by New Jack. The two fight a little and Jack puts Hamrick through a table at ringside and then hits a referee with a guitar, honestly New Jack has been the most memorable guy in this match so far. We then get three different table bumps right after the other that make no sense and aren’t even acknowledged for more than a second before our final entrant, Youth Suicide, comes out. This is apparently Suicide’s first professional match and he comes out with some thumbtacks, which he is obviously powerbombed into. In all of the carnage 6-Pac grabs one of the contracts and then Youth Suicide gets put through the explosive cage, with some of the worst special effects you’ll ever see. Vampiro then suddenly grabs the final contract and the entire show ends without any time to digest what just happened. I am going to abstain from giving this a star rating because no rating will do justice to whatever the fuck I just watched.

Overall: 4.5

I honestly don’t know what to make of this show. I am exhausted just watching it and it was less than 20 minutes long, with the main event lasting about 10. I understand the speed and pace they are trying for and to a certain extent it worked, but you can tell from the outset this was never going to last more than a few episodes.


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