Lucha Underground 6/4/16 Review

Air Date: 6/4/16

The show opens with a video package of Dario Cuerto talking to Vampiro backstage, Dario tells Vamp to not do anything stupid or make the same mistake as Pentagon. The segment ends with Vampiro taking his pills.

After that we are back in the police station with Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro. The Captain tells Ryan and Castro to try and get more info on Dario, to which Ryan explains they are in the trios tournament as a way to get close to him.

Ivelisse vs. Kobra Moon

Kobra Moon continues to be easily the worst wrestler in this entire company. God bless Ivelisse for working hard and trying to get something out of Kobra, and at one point it looked like she had, but this match had no heat and was really just there. Ivelisse pins Kobra Moon with a Code Red * ½

We get a promo package for Killshot, turns out he is a former army sniper, one of the best. His team was captured but he was able to make it out alive, he has no idea about the rest of his team and he is fighting in Lucha Underground now because he still has that killer instinct. This is a weird gimmick among the more outlandish of Lucha Underground, but I like that they are giving Killshot more of a character.

Famous B meets with Mascarita Sagrada backstage next in a total comedy segment that feels weird so quickly after the more serious Killshot promo. That heads straight into The Mack meeting with Sexy Star and asking her to come out with him for his trios match with Mariposa and Marty the Moth. The camera work included a lot of gratuitous shots of Star which is dumb for a lot of reasons, not least because she’s supposed to be pushed as a strong woman and not a piece of meat.

The Crew (Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro) and Joey Ryan vs. Marty the Moth, Mariposa, and The Mack (Trios Tournament)

This was a pretty fun little tag match, I like that both teams have the same odd couple grouping. Lots of pretty fun sequences, especially from Cisco who really stood out in this match. Joey Ryan pins Marty the Moth to advance ** ¾

After the match Mariposa attacks The Mack, but Sexy Star comes out to make the save and finally stands up to Mariposa.

Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca are on the roof of the Temple, Rey tells Azteca to fight for honour and not revenge because otherwise he will get his ass kicked. Rey also tells Azteca that they are in the trios tournament next week with Prince Puma as their partner, and Puma actually speaks! This whole thing felt straight out of a superhero movie and this team looks like it could be amazing.

Matanza Cuerto (w/Dario Cuerto) (c) vs. Fenix (Lucha Underground Championship)

Fenix is at his absolute best wrestling from underneath against big monsters because he is able to draw sympathy like not many other people can. This was most evident in his matches with Mil Muertes, and this match felt very similar to those with the big difference being that Matanza just murdered Fenix completely. I really want Matanza to work longer matches because I know how good the man under the mask really is, but for now this will have to do. Matanza pins Fenix with Wrath of the Gods **

After the match Matanza goes after Fenix, but Catrina and Mil come out to make the save. They are clearly teasing a face turn for Mil, and subtly hint at the past relationship between Catrina and Fenix. All I know is that this is a monster match I am excited for.

Overall: 4.5

This was another episode that felt more like it was setting up future events than delivering a good show outright, which is fine as at 40-odd minutes it is always an easy watch.

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