WCPW Stacked Review

Air Date: 3/9/16

This is WCPW’s second major show. Their first, Built to Destroy, felt like a real turning point for the company and the card for this show has potential to be very big for the company.

Joe Coffey vs. Moose

This was a very good opening match, both men worked hard. Coffey has quietly been one of the most consistent wrestlers on the roster and seemed to be in line for a push, so why having he lost to an import here I don’t understand. I like Moose, but he’s not going to be here all the time and even if he is why have him go over someone that could be a top star for your company? Moose pins Joe Coffey with the Gamebreaker *** ½

Kenny comes out to introduce Eric Bischoff, who is the guest general manager for tonight. He is interrupted by Adam Blampied, the two banter back and forth a little until Bischoff brings out Adam Pacitti. Bischoff announces that Prospect are suspended after their actions last week and throws Blampied out of the building. Eric then announces Bret Hart for the next WCPW tapings and makes EC3/Ligero into a threeway with Pete Dunne, god bless. Blampied was pretty good in this segment, but it felt very self-serving, with the two Adams clearly just wanting to banter with Eric a little bit. That’s fine and dandy, but it’s not the best idea for their long term business and there is no better example of that than the amount of imports on this card and “name” talent booked for future tapings.

Pete Dunne vs. EC3 vs. El Ligero

The crowd didn’t care about this match at all, which is a shame because these three men had a pretty good little match. Dunne works best against a high flyer he can be a base for and grind the hell out of, and he got that in Ligero. Unfortunately the addition of EC3 changed the dynamic a little bit and dare I say brought down the match a little. I am not a fan of having Pete lose in his debut match, but Ligero is a fairly big name talent in the company so it’s not the end of the world. El Ligero pins Pete Dunne with the C4L ***

Doug Williams vs. Drew Galloway

I would like Doug’s character a little better if he was less of a UKIPer and more of an old veteran pissed at the young guys who are reaping the benefits of the BritWres boom that he couldn’t, which we have seen some flashes of recently. These two men walked through a super boring, plodding match. Everything was worked clean, but it very much felt like they were taking a night off and were just waiting to go to the pub afterwards. Galloway pins Williams ** ¾

We get a little comedy video of Prospect trying to sneak into the building.

Marty Scurll vs. Will Ospreay

This match has had absolutely no build on Loaded, but if there was ever a match that didn’t need build it is this one. This was perhaps the weakest of the matches these two have had, but it was still the best match in WCPW history for sure. Things started out very slow and stalling, but the finish sequence was incredible as always even if it did feel like they were just rehashing their previous matches at times. Ospreay pins Scurll with the OsCutter **** ¼

After the match Ospreay offers a handshake to Marty, which The Villain blows off.

Travis Banks and Martin Kirby vs. Liam Slater and Gabriel Kidd

Johnny Moss has supposedly dislocated his shoulder, which prompts Prince Ameen to offer his services and then take it back. Luckily for Slater, Gabriel Kidd comes down and joins up with him. This was a pretty basic match, why Kirby is put into a bollocks tag match after his star making performance against Ospreay last week I’ll never understand. That said, Kirby was very over, got the win, and is clearly being set up for a bigger feud with Travis Banks so maybe things will go well. Martin Kirby pins Gabriel Kidd ***

Bea Priestley vs. Nixon Newell (Last Woman Standing, WCPW Women’s Championship)

These two had a pretty brutal match, especially given just how short it was. Newell showed a great amount of aggression, with the finish of a curb stomp into a chair being especially sick looking. This was helped by the defiant attitude put forward by Priestley, who I feel is just on the cusp of being great. Newell is a great choice as a first champion as she is already great and is only going to get better, just please bring more women into this division soon! Nixon Newell wins the title *** ½

The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy) vs. Grado

Complete nothing match, with Primate dominating throughout. The crowd has been chanting Moose since his match and it seemed especially bad here. Primate submits Grado **

Big Damo (c) vs. Joseph Conners vs. Joe Hendry vs. Rampage Brown (WCPW World Championship)

Another super plodding main event here. Conners turning on Hendry didn’t feel like a turn out of nowhere like the Damo and Rampage double turn from last month as tensions were always teased between those two. WCPW seems to have a problem with delivering in main event matches, hopefully that is something that will improve soon. Conners pins Hendry ** ½

Overall: 6.5

Until the dud of a main event this show was actually going pretty well, definitely check out Ospreay/Scurll and the Women’s Championship match. The rest can pretty comfortably be skipped without too much lost.


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