WCPW Loaded Episode 7 Review

Air Date: 22/8/16

The show starts with an interview with Joe Coffey, who is pissed off about being attacked by Primate before his title match last week. Coffey cuts a great fired up promo on Primate and threatens to throw him off the balcony of the arena.

The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy) vs. Joe Coffey (No Holds Barred)

This match lasted a little longer than it should have, but it was a fun walk and brawl including a crazy spot with Primate jumping off of a balcony onto Coffey. Joe showed a great amount of viciousness in this, and it was far better than their Built to Destroy match. It’s a little strange that Primate would lose to Coffey twice, but I imagine Joe has big things in his future. Joe Coffey submits Primate with a Boston Crab *** ½

Coffey is interviewed after the match, he calls out Moose and wants a match with him at Stacked. After that we get an interview with Martin Kirby backstage, Kirby calls out Will Ospreay for a match tonight. That is going to be an interesting match for sure.

Bea Priestley vs. Nixon Newell

This match was so much better than their previous encounter. Nixon brought a real intensity and aggression to the match, she was pissed the hell off and it added so much to the match. I’d like to see more than two women in this “division” but if we get more matches like this I am not going to be too upset. Priestley submits Newell with a Dragon Sleeper ***

The two women brawl after the match, which causes Pacitti to come out and makes a Last Woman Standing match between these two at Stacked for the WCPW Women’s Championship. Again, I hope there are some more women coming in soon.

Adam Blampied is shown talking to someone unseen backstage, teasing it being Prospect, and decides to team up with him to take down Aron Stevens.

Prospect (Alex Gracie, Lucas Archer, and Drake w/James R Kennedy) vs. Team Hendry (Joe Hendry, Joseph Conners, and Grado)(Elimination)

Joseph Conners was the first person eliminated in this, and fairly quickly too. Grado was eliminated soon after a low blow, which left Hendry out there on his own. Joe pulls out a really good underdog babyface performance and beats the rest of Prospect, who also seem like the biggest geeks in the world now. Joe Hendry last eliminates Alex Gracie to win ** ¾

Aron Stevens is being interviewed backstage about his match with Big Damo tonight, he cuts a fairly decent little promo. Joe Hendry accidently walks in on the interview, and Stevens asks Hendry to watch his back tonight. I smell an angle coming.

Grado is playing Pokemon Go backstage, apparently fine from his match just moments ago, and gets beaten up by Primate.

Martin Kirby vs. Will Ospreay

This was a bit of an Ospreay greatest hits match, which isn’t a bad thing per se as Will’s greatest hits are still pretty damn good. Kirby was in control for much of the match, and god bless him he worked his ass off and looked great in the process. A big win like this, even if it was played as a fluke win, could be huge for the man that has been one of the most consistently entertaining people in the company. There is a strong argument to be made that this was the best WCPW match of all time, with the last five minutes or so being incredible. Kirby pins Ospreay with a backslide ****

Ospreay gets on the mic and puts over Kirby. This all felt like a coming out party for Kirby and I am a lot more into it than I thought I would be.

We get a short little comedy vignette of Prince Ameen claiming to Gabriel Kidd that a statue of St. George is off him, and to get rid of the pigeons on the statue. After that we get an interview with Doug Williams, who is informed he will have a match with Drew Galloway. That will be fucking awesome.

Big Damo (w/Adam Blampied) (c) vs. Aron Stevens (WCPW World Championship)

Blampied came out in a wheelchair being pushed by James R Kennedy, seemingly confirming that he has teamed up with Prospect as the earlier vignette implied. These two had a pretty serviceable little match until a ref bump caused Blampied to come down from his wheelchair and throw salt into Stevens’ eyes. Hendry and Conners came out to make the save and clear the ring of Prospect. Lots of bullshit occurs, because WCPW can’t help overbooking their main events, and Damo retains after a low blow. Bleh. Big Damo pins Aron Stevens ** ½

Everyone continues to brawl until Rampage Brown makes his return and destroys everyone to a pretty good pop. Pacitti is shown on the screen and announces a four way match for the title at Stacked, with Damo defending against Hendry, Conners, and Rampage. This whole segment saved what was a pretty poor main event.

Overall: 6.0

Other than a terribly booked main event, and I’ve ranted in the past about how WCPW needs to stop trying to copy the Attitude Era because that was twenty fucking years ago, this was actually a really good show including a star making performance by Martin Kirby. The card for Stacked is far from it, but has shaped up nicely.

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