WCPW Loaded Episode 6 Review

Air Date: 15/8/16

The show opens with a confrontation between Doug Williams and Noam Dar from last week. They agree to a match where Dar puts his WCPW career on the line. That should be fun.

Joseph Conners vs. El Ligero

I am liking the new trend of starting the show with a really good match without any major storyline implications. Conners is someone that impressed me early on but being stuck in this Joe Hendry feud has meant he hasn’t been able to really show what he can do. This was the perfect occasion as he and Ligero had a pretty damn fun little match, even if the finish wasn’t great. El Ligero pins Joseph Conners with a roll up *** ¼

Adam Blampied comes out next to Aron Stevens’ music and wearing his gear. Blampied is wearing the WCPW title and cuts a pretty good heel promo on Rampage and Stevens, which ultimately causes the real Stevens to come out. The two banter back and forth a little, and Stevens was pretty awful seemingly trying to be The Rock and trying way too fucking hard. He was in full “wrestler that just got fired but now the chains are off” mode and I really didn’t care. The segment mercifully ends with Stevens hitting a low blow on Blampied and calling out Big Damo.

After that Joe Coffey is interviewed backstage, he talks about beating Primate and being left out of a title match. He storms into Pacitti’s office, which just so happens to be next to him, and demands a title match tonight which Adam grants.

Martin Kirby vs. Grado

This was exactly what you would expect from these two, a total comedy match including a spot built around a toothbrush. Grado pins Kirby with the Wee Boot ** ½

Grado is interviewed in the ring after the match and is attacked from behind by Drake and the rest of Prospect. Hendry and Conners come out to make the save, interestingly Conners is wearing the gear that matches Hendry here and not the white gear he wore for his match earlier. James R Kennedy challenge Grado, Hendry, and Conners to a six man tag match.

Primate is pissed off backstage and runs into Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd. Ameen makes a match between Primate and Kidd.

Doug Williams vs. Noam Dar (Noam Dar’s WCPW Career on the Line)

Given the importance of this match, I really felt like the emotion was lacking a little bit here. These two had a pretty good little match, with Williams faking a knee injury to get distract Dar, but you never got the impression that Dar was fighting for his career. Doug Williams pins Noam Dar with a roll up ***

Dar cuts a short little goodbye promo after the match.

Damo storms into Pacitti’s office upset about having to defend his title, Adam tells Damo if he gets himself intentional disqualified in the match he will be fired from WCPW and stripped of the title. Given the fact that there was never any punishment for Damo using the piledriver at Built to Destroy I wouldn’t be too worried if I was Damo.

The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy) vs. Gabriel Kidd (w/Prince Ameen)

This was just a mugging of Kidd by Primate. Fun squash match. Primate defeats Kidd **

Bea Priestley attacks Nixon Newell from behind backstage and demands a rematch with her next week.

Big Damo (c) vs. Joe Coffey (WCPW World Championship)

Coffey is attacked with a chair by Primate before this match. This was a pretty fun big man brawl, Coffey and Damo always work well together. The only real complaint I have is that Coffey didn’t really seem to sell the earlier attack all that much, nor did it play into the match in anyway. Damo pins Coffey with the Ulster Plantation ***

Overall: 5.5

I really enjoyed this episode, everything felt important and the main event angle is actually pretty interesting to me. More of this please WCPW.

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