WCPW Loaded Episode 5 Review

Air Date: 8/8/16

This is the first show after a mixed bag of Built to Destroy. The show opens with Adam Pacitti in his office, he says he won’t strip Damo of the title because he doesn’t want to tarnish the legacy of the new title. At least they gave some kind of excuse, although it makes Pacitti look a little weak as a general manager. He also makes Aron Stevens, the former Damien Sandow, vs Doug Williams to find the new number one contender.

Noam Dar vs. El Ligero vs. Will Ospreay

The atmosphere for this match was awesome, the crowd is great and excited tonight. Because of this things took a little while to really get going, as all three men played around with the crowd a little bit. Once things finally got going though, we got a really awesome spotfest that was clearly meant to be a showcase for the craziness that is Will Ospreay. Ospreay pins Dar with the OsCutter *** ¾

We get a pretty good backstage promo by James R Kennedy with Prospect and Drake talking about Drake taking out Lethal. After that we see Joe Hendry talking with Joseph Conners, Hendry talks about how he feels Conners is hogging the spotlight. Conners decides to leave before they get into too big of an argument, this story continues to be one of the best things about WCPW.

Alex Gracie (w/James R Kennedy, Lucas Archer, and Drake) vs. Joe Hendry

This was a pretty mediocre match with several botches and miscommunication between the two. There was also tons of shenanigans between Hendry and the people at ringside, which really hurt what was already a poor match. Joe Hendry pins Alex Gracie * ½

After the match, Prospect and Drake start to go after Hendry but Joseph Conners comes out to make the save. The two cut a promo on the ramp on the way out reconciling.

Martin Kirby runs into Grado backstage and they get into an argument, this is going to be a great feud.

Adam Pacitti comes out next to announce the start of the women’s division. There’s so much great female talent in the UK I hope WCPW utilises them well, the first match of this new division is a great start.

Bea Priestley vs. Nixon Newell

Alex Shane was incredibly creepy on commentary towards Bea at times. These two had a pretty good little match, unfortunately they lost the crowd a few times which really hurt things. Newell was very good at getting the crowd back into this match, but an awkward botched finish sort of summarises this match in a nutshell. Newell pins Priestley with a Canadian Destroyer ** ½

Liam Slater and Johnny Moss, the newest tag team in WCPW, are interviewed backstage but are interrupted by James R Kennedy and Prospect. Moss cut one hell of an intense promo to set up the tag match.

Prospect (Lucas Archer and Drake w/Alex Gracie and James R Kennedy) vs. Liam Slater and Johnny Moss

I was interested to see where Prospect would go when they first started, but the team has settled in as mediocre mid carders and I don’t want to see much more of them. This match was all about building up to the eventual Johnny Moss hot tag and making him look like a monster, in which case it succeeded but as a match it was super skippable. Liam Slater pins Lucas Archer with a top rope splash ** ¼

Doug Williams is interviewed backstage about his upcoming match with Aron Stevens, he cuts a super weird anti-immigration and pro-Brexit promo. This is a…different way to go with Doug’s character and I am not sure how I feel about it yet.

Doug Williams vs. Aron Stevens (WCPW World Championship Number One Contendership)

Stevens came out to a remix of his WWE music and wearing the bathrobe, which didn’t look good at all. He spent a very long time playing to the crowd by wiping the top rope before the match started proper, which was awful to watch. This was a pretty good little match, but a scary botch by Williams where he landed on his neck while attempting a move from the top rope sucked all of the energy out of the room and killed the match, thankfully Doug was okay. Stevens pins Williams ** ½

After the match Adam Blampied comes out to congratulate Stevens, and Damo takes him out from behind and stands tall to end the show.

Overall: 5.0

The production on these shows has gotten so much better, and it feels like these guys are starting to find their groove a little more. Bringing in some more well-known British talent to round out the roster is an interesting choice and for the first time since it started I am excited for the future of WCPW.


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