WCPW Loaded Episode 4 Review

Air Date: 18/7/16

This is the go home show before Built to Destroy, and with last week’s episode being a bit of a step up I am a little interested to see how things go. Adam Pacitti opens the show and announces the main event of Big Damo and Joe Coffey against Primate and Rampage, as well as Joe Coffey against Primate in a No Holds Barred match at Built to Destroy. He is interrupted by Prince Ameen and Gabriel Kidd, who are now a regular face/heel tag team. Ameen ushers Adam out of the ring and tells Kidd that he needs to be more vicious in this next match.

Gabriel Kidd (w/Prince Ameen) vs. Drake

This match was obviously built around Ameen barking orders at Kidd from ringside, which Kidd ignored. Ameen then punches Kidd which leads to the finish, basic match that was more about pushing the angle. Drake pins Gabriel Kidd **

After the match Ameen is berating Kidd, which leads to Adam Pacitti coming down and announcing Kidd and Ameen will have a match next week with the loser having to be the others servant. He also announces Ameen will have a match next.

Prince Ameen (w/Gabriel Kidd) vs. El Ligero vs. Martin Kirby (Elimination)

This was an okay match, mostly built around Ameen and Kirby teaming up against Ligero and trying to outdo each other. Ameen is starting to really grow on me as a character but I have seen all I want to from him in the ring. Ameen was quickly eliminated by Martin Kirby after getting decked by Gabriel Kidd, and so was Kirby. El Ligero pins Martin Kirby ** ¼

Martin Kirby gets on the mic and demands a rematch with Ligero and starts listing off all sorts of random match types. This prompts Adam Pacitti to come out and make a Mask vs Pride match, if Ligero loses he must unmask while if Kirby loses he must wear a dress. That’s a stipulation right out of Memphis and I don’t know how I feel, maybe happy?

Joseph Conners (w/Joe Hendry) vs. Noam Dar

This was a slow, boring, completely nothing match. It was very clear that Noam was just walking through the match, and I am not entirely sur I blame him given how dead the crowd is. The main story of this match was Hendry at ringside taking all of the attention away from Conners. King Ross completely telegraphed a potential turn of one of these men in the worst way possible. Noam Dar submits Joseph Conners with the Champage Super-Kneebar * ¾

Rampage Brown (w/Adam Blampied) and The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy) vs. Joe Coffey and Big Damo (w/Jack the Jobber)

Damo is still wearing the big goofy t-shirt from last week, but I refuse to rant about it again. The tag match itself was a solid big man match, Primate is far better in these kind of matches as he can come in and look good without overexposing himself. Rampage Brown’s strikes didn’t look nearly as strong as they normally do, or perhaps this is the first time I’ve noticed. The match ends with the entire roster coming out and brawling around ringside. No Contest ** ¾

Damo powerbombs Alex Gracie from the ring into a crowd of wrestlers to end the show.

Overall: 5.0

On the bright side, there is nothing on this show at all that left me angry. It was the first time this show felt breezy and easy to get through, and I am actually interested in Built to Destroy.  The downside is that nothing felt must watch or really had any energy to it. Things are honestly improving, but I think it might be too late for these guys, there’s too much good wrestling easily accessible, especially coming out of the UK, for them to be producing a mediocre show.


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