WCPW Built to Destroy Review

Air Date: 25/7/16

This is WCPW’s first major show, and right off the bat we have new commentators in Dave Bradshaw and Alex Shane. One of the biggest issues with the WCPW show was that King Ross, Simon Miller, and Alex Blampied weren’t real commentators and really took away from everything, hopefully bringing in professionals will breathe some fresh air into the promotion.

Kenny opens the show and takes some completely unnecessary shots at TNA and WWE, stuff like that is so dumb and makes you look bush league. He introduces Adam Pacitti, who runs down the card and hypes the crowd. This new crowd is super energised and that is really helping things.

El Ligero vs. Martin Kirby (Mask vs. Pride)

This has been a fun little undercard feud, Martin Kirby is super charismatic and has really been carrying the brunt of it. These two had a pretty fun little match, with a good mix of comedy and actual wrestling that can be rare sometimes. I am not a huge fan of comedy in wrestling but it can work given the right context, and an opening match mixed in with an actual wrestling match is the perfect context here. The last five minutes or so of this match was especially good and made up for some of the more offensive silliness. El Ligero pins Martin Kirby with the C4L ***

Ligero brings out a dress and forces it on Kirby to end the segment. After that we head backstage where Adam Blampied threatens to tear apart the company after the main event tonight, I’ve said this a lot but Blampied is a surprisingly great heel manager.

Prince Ameen vs. Gabriel Kidd (Loser Must Become the Winner’s Servant)

I am just now realising these stipulations are a weird mix of Attitude Era and Memphis wrestling. This match went on far too long, neither man is really good enough to have a good 10 minute match. I did like Kidd bantering with the crowd, it really helped give him some character since Ameen has been doing all of the talking in this feud. Prince Ameen pins Gabriel Kidd after a low blow **

After the match Prince Ameen forces Kidd to bow down to him and to carry his bags. The bag carrying thing was a decent idea, but it didn’t really work all that well, it just seemed odd that Ameen would carry a suitcase to ringside.

Joe Coffey vs. The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy)(No Holds Barred)

Does every match on this card have a stipulation? Regardless, I felt this was a real star making performance from Primate. These two men had an absolute war that included a lot of really entertaining crowd brawling and several teased piledrivers. Coffey is a fairly known quantity on the British scene but Primate is still fairly unknown and he killed it here. Joe Coffey submits Primate *** ¼

Noam Dar and Jay Lethal are interviewed backstage ahead of their title match later tonight. Dar didn’t seem all that into his promo but Lethal knocked it out of the part and forced Dar to really bring it in his rebuttal.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Noam Dar (RoH World Championship)

Both these men have put in mediocre performances on Reloaded, but they brought it here and I was very impressed. We got an exciting back and forth match built around Dar working over Lethal’s knee. The match was hurt a little two fold, partly because I don’t think many people truly believed Dar was going to win, but more so because Dar put in all of this time working over Lethal’s knee and then couldn’t get him to tap to his submission. That said, this was a very high level match and easily the best in WCPW history so far. Jay Lethal pins Noam Dar with the Lethal Injection *** ¾

After the match Drake attacks Lethal in an attempt to impress Prospect and James R Kennedy, this was a good way to put over Drake who has kind of been a joke so far.

Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners vs. Prospect (Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie w/James R Kennedy)

Before this match Hendry promised new music that would half feature Joseph Conners, which it barely did in hilarious fashion. I am a big fan of Hendry being an oblivious, egotistical face. The story of this match was Hendry inadvertidely distracting Conners leading to him being rolled up, the match itself was nothing special. Lucas Archer pins Joseph Conners with a roll up ** ½

Adam Pacitti announces that Cody Rhodes will be at the next set of WCPW tapings, that’s a pretty cool get.

Big Damo (w/Jack the Jobber) vs. Rampage Brown (w/Adam Blampied)(WCPW World Championship)

These two had a pretty solid big man match, but my god was the finish overbooked. Blampied barked at Rampage from ringside to hit Damo with the piledriver, Rampage refused and attacked Blampied and Damo used this distraction to hit Rampage with a low blow and piledriver to win the match. Apparently Damo was always on the side of Blampied, which begs the question why did he want Rampage to hit Damo with the piledriver?! This whole promotion screams of people who watched the Attitude Era and want to try and recreate it and this match was the perfect example of that. Garbage. Big Damo pins Rampage Brown ***

Pacitti was at ringside and demanded Damo reluinguish the title, but Damo attacked him and kept the belt.

Overall: 5.5

This show started out really well, with the new commentary being a breath of fresh air for the show and most of the matches being pretty solid. But all of that hard work was undone by a main event that felt like a swerve for the sack of a swerve and designed more to get Adam Blampied over than the wrestlers.


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