WWE Cruiserweight Classic 14/9/16 Review – Live Two Hour Finals

Air Date: 14/9/16

It’s time for the finals of this great series, with little to nothing announced for a two hour card besides the semi finals and finals themselves and I am excited as all hell.

The show opens with Mauro and Daniel Bryan hyping things up and then an incredible video package for the last four competitors.

Gran Metalik vs. Zack Sabre Jr (Cruiserweight Classic Semi-Final)

The crowd was crazy hot for this, which made everything more exciting and probably energised the performers. This match started out incredibly hot and never slowed the hell down, it almost felt like a G1 match. Metalik was flying all over the place and Zack was pissed the fuck off and was doing his best to grind Metalik down. Things were a little bit sloppy at times, but it wasn’t enough to detract from the match too much. Zack losing here was a bit of an upset, but with rumours that he hasn’t signed with WWE it’s clear who should have won here. Great way to open the show. Metalik pins Sabre with the Metalik Driver ****

Metalik is awarded a medal by William Regal after the match and is interviewed via a translator, obviously a nothing special promo.

#DIY are interviewed backstage next and talk mostly about going after The Revival again.

Kota Ibushi vs. TJ Perkins (Cruiserweight Classic Semi-Final)

This match started out a lot slower than the previous match, and was worked a much more traditional style but the escalation was insane. Ibushi was throwing everything he could at Perkins but TJ took it all and did so defiantly, most notably practically begging Kota to kick him harder. The near falls in this were so damn believable and there was so much emotion in this, probably the best match in the tournament so far and a very strong contender for Match of the Year. Perkins really made himself a star after this match and has the potential to be huge. I really like having two upsets in the semi-finals because it makes the finals so much more interesting TJ Perkins submits Kota Ibushi **** ¾

TJ cuts a short little promo after the match. After that Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander cut a promo backstage about their match with #DIY next.

Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander vs. #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano)

This was a pretty fun spotfest tag match, hurt the most by Ciampa not kicked out of a near fall at the right time. These guys had a hard job having to follow the last match, but they did a solid job. Tommaso Ciampa pins Noam Dar *** ½

Mauro and Daniel interview William Regal about putting this whole tournament together and then Corey Graves about the Cruiserweights coming to RAW as they clearly fill time before the main event. I appreciate that they didn’t just add a couple of pointless short matches and instead kept the match quality on this show high.

TJ Perkins vs. Gran Metalik (Cruiserweight Classic Final, Cruiserweight Championship)

When this entire tournament started, no one will have thought this would be the final but after everything that has gone down in the last ten weeks I wouldn’t have it any other way. Two guys who just last year were being completely misused by the companies they were in, TNA for Perkins and NJPW for Metalik, coming out and proving they were really the best. Just as the match was about to start Triple H comes down and makes the match also for the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion and I am honestly in too good of a mood to rant too much about that.

This was another incredible performance by Perkins, the match was built around him working over Metalik’s knee leading to him being unable to properly hit the Metalik Driver. Metalik was great in this, but Perkins really put in the performance of his life on this night and got the absolute crap beaten out of him and played such a great defiant babyface. TJ Perkins submits Gran Metalik **** ½

After the match Perkins is awarded the title and cuts a great babyface promo. Everything about this man’s life and career is amazing, and tonight made him a superstar.

Overall: 7.5

This tournament really was something special and it’s a little sad to see it end. Every show since the end of the first round has produced at least one great match, but more than that it made every single person involved into a superstar. Whatever happens to them when they go to RAW they will still have this tournament to point to. Tonight was all about crowning TJ Perkins as the crown jewel of the Cruiserweight Division, and he knocked it the hell out of the park. To a more deserving guy it couldn’t have happened.


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