WCPW Loaded Episode 3 Review

Air Date: 11/7/16

Another episode and I pray this show has finally finds its groove and becomes at least watchable. As I say that King Ross says he is doing commentary alone this week and all hope is lost.

The show opens proper with Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners making their way to the ring. Hendry wants another shot at being in the WCPW title match and calls out Rampage Brown. Rampage and Adam Blampied come down, Adam and Joe banter back and forth and make the match. This was a really good segment, Adam Blampied is a really good heel manager and Hendry was fired the hell up here and it was awesome. Great start to the show.

The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy) vs. Joe Coffey

Adam Blampied has joined commentary. This was actually a pretty good hoss fight, Primate clearly isn’t quite ready for longer matches but he did decently enough. Joe Coffey wins by DQ ** ¾

The Primate attacks Coffey with a chair after the match, unfortunately the crowd didn’t seem to really care all that much. There was a definite lack of energy in that whole segment.

We get a really bad segment with Damo and Jack the Jobber, Jack makes Damo wear a Paccitti Club shirt. I have huge issues with this segment, why the fuck would you take this big monster babyface that you’re trying to build up as the face of your company and put him in a big goofy t-shirt?! If this is all just some massive vanity bullshit to make yourselves feel like stars then run a couple of live shows and don’t release them. Just don’t waste my fucking time with it and certainly don’t make one of the top wrestlers in the country into a big fucking joke in the process. Drake comes out to end the segment and we get a match.

Big Damo (w/Jack the Jobber) vs. Drake

Quick squash, at least Damo regained some credibility. Damo pins Drake with the Ulster Plantation *

Jay Lethal is interviewed backstage, he announces that he will face Noam Dar for the Ring of Honor title at Built to Destroy. Great, short promo.

Mitchell Myers and Ryan Mercer vs. Prospect (Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie w/James R Kennedy)

This was a pretty good squash match, Archer and Gracie work very well together and I am kind of excited to see what these guys are going to do. Lucas Archer pins Ryan Mercer **

Martin Kirby vs. “El Ligero”

Martin Kirby introduced an overweight man with drawn on tattoos and El Ligero’s outfit. Kirby beats on “Ligero” while cutting promos on him. I get the point of this “match” but it went on far too long, and even commentary was burying it. The real Ligero comes out in different coloured gear and somehow Kirby didn’t notice. This was a good idea for a segment but my god was it done poorly. El Ligero pins Martin Kirby with a roll up NR

Rampage Brown (w/Adam Blampied) vs Joe Hendry (WCPW World Championship Number One Contendership)

This was a fairly boring, basic match. The biggest issue was that there never really felt like there was a chance Hendry could win, and because of that there was absolutely no emotion to anything that was happening. It didn’t help that the crowd has completely last all of their energy by this point in the tapings. Rampage pins Joe Hendry ** ¼

Overall: 5.0

This was actually the best show these guys have produced, things didn’t feel as bloated and Ross and Adam are far better on commentary that Simon and Ross. Other than a main event that fell flat and an incredibly stupid Big Damo segment nothing on this show was really that bad, it just wasn’t really that good either.



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