WCPW Loaded Episode 2 Review

Air Date: 4/7/16

Last week’s episode was frankly pretty disastrous, and I hope to god this episode does better. Things aren’t off to a good start with Simon Miller and King Ross running down the events of last week. This was obviously filmed at the same time as last week’s episode as Ross is still insufferable.

After that we head to the ring with Adam Pacitti, who is talking about Rampage hitting a security guard with a piledriver causing him to break his neck. Pacitti bans the piledriver, and threatens anyone who uses the move with firing, and also announces Rampage vs. Damo for the title at Built to Destroy. Fine segment.

Adam Blampied cuts a pretty good heel promo backstage with Rampage reacting to the announcement. I must say, of all of the WhatCulture staff members on this show Blampied is far and away the best, more of him and less of King Ross please.

Drake vs. The Primate (w/Suzie Kennedy)

This was a fine debut for Primate, who completely demolished Drake in quick fashion. Primate used mostly power moves and showed a good amount of intensity. The Primate pins Drake with a spear ** ¼

Gabriel Kidd is interviewed backstage but is quickly interrupted by Prince Ameen who tells Gabriel they have a tag match together later. Ameen wants Kidd to be his new servant, Kidd is clearly a young guy so his promo wasn’t very good but I did enjoy Ameen.

Straight to another interview with Drake, who is interrupted by James R Kennedy. The two banter back and forth, this was a pretty rough segment as neither guy was any good.

ANOTHER interview next, this time with Joe Hendry from last week. Hendry is pissed the hell off about being screwed out of the title match, Joseph Conners also comes around and is also pissed off about being attacked by Prospect. These two cut a really good promo and decide to team up, this was the best thing on the show in two episodes.

Guess what, we get another interview next. It’s Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners again talking about their being an official tag team. Some shitty comedy in this that already hurts these two guys who cut an awesome promo literally minutes ago.

Gabriel Kidd and Prince Ameen vs. Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners

Commentary was still talking over Joe Hendry’s entrance, why they persist to trample all over his gimmick I don’t understand. That’ll be the last time I complain about commentary, but just know it is still awful. This was a pretty good little match, lots of fun comedy between Hendry and Conners. Once the match got going it was pretty basic, but again a fine little match. Joe Hendry stole the pin from Conners after he hit Kidd with the Righteous Kill so there’s clearly a bigger story coming between these two. Joe Hendry pins Gabriel Kidd ** ½

Martin Kirby confronts Adam Paccitti backstage wondering why he isn’t getting a match with Lethal instead of Ligero. Really weird comedy here.

Noam Dar is interviewed about his match with Rampage Brown tonight. Jack the Jobber comes around and wishes him luck, this was a really bad segment clearly meant to get Jack over and failed miserably.

Jay Lethal vs. El Ligero (RoH World Championship Number One Contendership)

Despite a couple of weird comedy moments, such as Lethal continually breaking out his Macho Man impression, this was actually a really good back and forth match. Lethal seemed to be playing a face in this, which is odd considering he is a heel in Ring of Honor, but it worked pretty well and these guys had a good bomb throwing match that was interrupted by Martin Kirby. No Contest *** ¼

Kirby attacks Lethal and Ligero and gets thrown out of the ring. Lethal gets on the mic and says he can’t give Ligero a title match without getting authorisation from the RoH officials, which is a dumb excuse, and guarantees Ligero a title match later on. He puts over Ligero, so Lethal really is a face in WCPW I guess.

Adam Blampied is again interviewed backstage with Rampage Brown, in a show with so many damn interview segments something as short and pointless as this could have been easily removed. Why do we need Adam to cut two short promos on the same show? Just give him more time to do one promo and cut down on how many god damn segments you have in this awful, bloated show.

Rampage Brown (w/Adam Blampied) vs. Noam Dar

This was a brutal destruction of Noam by Rampage. Dar ws very good wrestling from underneath, especially against a monster like Rampage. Much of this match was built around Rampage teasing hitting a piledriver, with Blampied at ringside screaming at him to use it. Rampage refused, which is weird as it seems way too early to tease tension between those two. Rampage pins Dar with a sitout powerbomb ***

Big Damo and Jack the Jobber come out as Damo and Rampage brawl to end the show.

Overall: 4.0

This was a better episode than last week, but all of the same issues are still present as you would expect. A new issue I found with this show also was just how much was going on, there were like ten interview segments coming quick and fast without giving anything time to really breathe. I understand you want to build storylines and introduce things, but focusing on one or two things in an hour long show and really pushing them is far better than trying to have like five storylines at once.


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