LLE Lucha Azteca 29/4/16 Review

Show Date: 29/4/16

Mascara Dorada vs. Volador Jr (Liga Elite 2016)

Dorada is very quietly having an incredible year after coming back from New Japan and this match is no exception. Things started out wild with flips and dives a plenty, and never really slowed down after that including a crazy hurricanrana dive from the ramp to the outside by Mascara. Volador was no slouch here either, taking some crazy bumps and getting pissed off over being out done by Dorada. But Dorado was working on a whole other level in this match and was far and away the star, great match. Volador Jr pins Mascara Dorada *** ¾

Rush, Pierroth, and Toscano vs. LA Park, El Hijo de LA Park, and Super Parka (Lucha Trios)

Rush goes straight after LA Park to start this match, and the others follow suit as everyone wildly brawls around the arena. The first fall ended rather abruptly with the Parka family getting the falls while Rush and LA Park continued to fight on the outside. The second fall was a bit more traditional, apart from a few goofier spots that I wasn’t a huge fan of, and was won by Rush and friends. The third fall was back to the more brawling style, with the highlight of course being the interactions between Rush and LA Park again. As far as an overall match goes, this was a fine little spot fest with a very weak second fall. LA Park pins Rush to win 2:1 ***

Bobby Lashley vs. Ultimo Guerrero (Liga Elite 2016)

Bobby Lashley wrestling in Arena Mexico continues to be super fucking weird. Lashley came into this match pissed off and ready to fight, and after taking a bit of a beating Guerrero fired the hell up and gave him that fight. I am still fairly new to lucha and never really got the appeal of Ultimo Guerrero, he just never really stood out as anything special but I think I kind of got it here as he and Lashley just beat the hell out of each other. this wasn’t a brawl like we saw in the previous trios match, everything stayed in the ring for the most part, but these two dudes just wailing on each other was a sight to be seen. Ultimo Guerrero submits Bobby Lashley *** 1/4

Overall: 6.0

Very good show, three matches that were all very different but all worth watching.


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