PROGRESS Wrestling ENDVR 16 Review

Show Date: 15/5/16

Dillon D’Angelo vs. Hayden York

This was both men’s PROGRESS debut and I don’t think they’ve been wrestling very long. This was a perfectly fine little match, York seems to really know his character which I liked. Hayden York pins Dillon D’Angelo with an impaler DDT **

Pollyanna vs. Dahlia Black (w/TK Cooper)(Special Guest Referee Jack Sexsmith)

Sexsmith almost immediately threw Cooper out from ringside. It’s a shame that Jack Sexsmith was the referee in this match, as I think his few little antics spoiled what was a pretty good, heated match. That said, this feud is clearly going to continue so it’s not the end of the world. Pollyanna wins by DQ ** ½

T-Bone vs. Iestyn Rees (Atlas Title Tournament A-Block)

This match started out well, with a lot of really hard hitting, hateful big man wrestling straight out of New Japan, but things very quickly petered off and the match lasted far longer than it should have. T-Bone pins Iestyn Rees with a roll up ** ¼

Dazzler Team (Darrell Allen and Earl Black Jr) vs. Sweet Jesus (Chuck Mambo and Pastor William Eaver)(30 Minute Iron Man)

I hate iron man matches, there always seems to be a lot of time killing and the matches never really flow that well. This match started out with like 5 minutes of fruit-based comedy, so clearly a lot of stalling here too. The match eventually got going, but was so incredibly boring, Dazzler Team was on offence for what felt like twenty minutes and are just so uninteresting to watch. Everything they did was technically sound, and there was one or two cool little moments, but overall they were really dull and killed the crowd. To add to this, other than the two comedy falls at the start of this match there was only one fall at the end of the match to end things. That begs the question, why book an iron man match and force these guys to wrestle for half an hour when they clearly can’t do that well?! Fuck this bollocks match. Dazzler Team wins 2:1 by Count Out * ½

Darrell Allen gets on the mic after the match and puts over Sweet Jesus, before brutally attacking them. These feud has been going on for a little while now, and while the matches haven’t been anything worth talking about I don’t completely hate it.

Super Strong Style 16 Qualifier Battle Royale

The winner of this battle royale gets the final spot in the upcoming Super Strong Style 16 tournament. The match has several young guys from the ProJo, with each guy getting a short insert promo which was a nice way to introduce them. This was a pretty standard battle royale, I like Sexsmith and Cooper being the last two men to continue the story from earlier in the show. I don’t have any huge complaints with TK being added to the tournament, although I might have preferred Roy Johnson or Jack Sexsmith. TK Cooper eliminates Jack Sexsmith to win **

Jinny is out next and cuts a promo on Elizabeth and her face turn at the last Chapter show. She calls out Elizabeth and demands she apologise on her knees which Elizabeth does and then immediately attacks Jinny. Elizabeth announces that she will go by her real name of Laura Di Matteo. This was a hot segment for an angle that I am really enjoying overall.

Mike Hitchman vs. Paul Robinson (Chain Match)

For a feud that was pretty heated, this was a pretty lukewarm match. We got some cool moments, but the match was slow and plodding and you never got the impression these guys really hated each other as the build would have made you think. I am not saying this match was bad, it was actually pretty good, but not what you would have expected from these two coming in. Paul Robinson pins Mike Hitchman with a Curb Stomp onto a chair ***

Overall: 5.0

From a match quality stand point this was a pretty mediocre show, but it was an easy watch and only the iron man match made me angry at it. Super skippable as always, bar maybe the Jinny promo, but not a complete waste of time.


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