WCPW Loaded Episode 1 Review

Air Date: 27/6/16

WhatCulture is a pretty popular wrestling website/YouTube channel/podcast, they recently decided to start their own wrestling promotion and put the “TV” episodes up on YouTube for free. I am not a fan of most WhatCulture’s content but they have big names like Will Ospreay and Jay Lethal booked for these shows so I thought it was worth checking out.

The show opens with General Manager Adam Pacitti welcoming us to the show and letting us know that Joe Hendry vs. Big Damo tonight is basically a number one contender match to see who will take on Rampage Brown for the title. This was actually a nice little moment as you could tell this was a big deal for Adam.

We cut to our commentators, King Ross and Simon Miller. Ross is doing a bad King gimmick, Miller seems alright, I’ve seen a lot of his video game stuff and enjoy it so hopefully he will be good here.

Alex Gracie (w/Lucas Archer and James R. Kennedy) vs. Gabriel Kidd vs. Joseph Conners

This was an elimination match, and was worked as a pretty fun sprint. Conners was clearly positioned as the top star coming out of the match, and he looked pretty good in eliminating Gabriel Kidd. Where I take issue is that the very first match of the promotion ends in a DQ, even if you want to set up a story for down the line this is a dumb way to start a promotion and sets a terrible precedent. It isn’t 1997 anymore, people want clean finishes. Joseph Conners wins by DQ ** ¼

Gracie and Archer beat on Conners after the match to establish the new team.

We cut to the commentators again, and King Ross is completely insufferable already.

El Ligero vs. Martin Kirby

This was a total comedy match, although it was pretty fun. The commentary was absolutely terrible in this match though, with King Ross basically burying the talent and spending more time arguing with Simon Miller and getting himself over than actually calling the match. Bless Miller who was at least trying his best, even if he got sucked in by Ross a few times. El Ligero pins Martin Kirby with a tornado DDT ** ¼

Jack the Jobber and Joe Hendry are backstage hyping the main event of Hendry vs. Damo. Nothing special interview, but at least it was short.

Prince Ameen comes out next, he cuts the standard heel promo on the crowd. This was a really awkward promo, with the crowd clearly having no idea who Ameen was and not caring. I’d almost go as far as to say the crowd was bad in this segment. Thankfully Joe Coffey comes out to accept Ameen’s challenge and save this segment.

Prince Ameen vs. Joe Coffey

Absolutely nothing match here, lots of stalling at the start and then basic wrestling to no heat leading to Ameen walking out. There has only been one clean finish on this show so far and it was for a comedy match, fuck this company. Joe Coffey wins by countout DUD

Ameen is backstage talking about not wanting to wrestle common folk, and wanting to hire someone to do it for him. You’d think a Prince would already have servants he could use. This was another awkward promo regardless.

Coffey cuts a pretty good promo backstage and is then interrupted by Suzie, who cuts a really bad promo and introduces her new talent whose name we don’t get.

We get a video package summing up the storyline coming into the main event. Adam Blampied and Jack the Jobber are both putting up a wrestler to compete for the WCPW title, Blampied picked Rampage Brown as his competitor and this main event is to see who will represent Jack.

Big Damo vs. Joe Hendry

The commentators spoke over Joe Hendry’s entrance and proved themselves to be the worst thing about this show by far. This was a pretty fun brawl, but then we got a ref bump and shenanigans with a chair because we can’t get a clean finish in this show. At least Damo won actually got a pin off of a wrestling move. Big Damo pins Joe Hendry with the Ulster Plantation **

The show ends with Adam Pacitti revealing the new WCPW title belt. He is interrupted by Rampage and Adam Blampied, Adam plays a pretty good heel manager here and Rampage looked like a hell of a monster. My only issue with this segment is that it might have worked better before the main event match but it was the only thing on this show that worked well.

Overall: 3.5

This was a terrible show, it came across like a bunch of attitude era wrestling fans who got some money and decided to book a show. Every match had some kind of shenanigans bar one, the WhatCulture staff was pushed harder than the actual wrestlers, and the commentators were god awful. These guys have the talent to do something really cool, but this wasn’t that. Avoid at all costs.


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