WWE Cruiserweight Classic 7/9/16 Review

Air Date: 7/9/16

The show starts with two new video packages for Noam Dar and Zack Sabre Jr, which was pretty good as you’d expect.

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Noam Dar (Cruiserweight Classic Quarter Final)

This was a very important match for Dar, who has yet to really impress in this tournament. Things started out interesting with Dar working as a subtle, cocky heel which pissed off Sabre. This idea was sort of dropped later in the match, as it became more about Dar working over Zack’s knee for his submission. Dar showed a great intensity here and kept things interesting throughout, and Zack sold his knee very well. This was the showing that Dar needed to have to prove himself. Zack Sabre Jr submits Noam Dar *** ½

We get two really good video packages for TJ Perkins and Rich Swann. Perkins continues putting over his confidence and Swann his love to entertain.

Rich Swann vs. TJ Perkins (Cruiserweight Classic Quarter Final)

This was a fine match that suffered from two points of view; the first being that the crowd was not into it at all and seemed tired, with the bigger issue being that it was another match built around one guy working as a subtle heel working over a knee for a submission. Two matches having the same story will obviously lead to comparisons, and while Swann sold his knee better than Zack and the story was more consistent in this match Perkins was a lot less exciting in his limb work than Dar which killed the match for me. That said, I did really enjoy the side story of Perkins regretting his actions against his old friend that wasn’t present in the first match. TJ Perkins submits Rich Swann with a kneebar *** ¼

We get a video hyping the live two hour final next week to end the show.

This week’s show felt like a real step down from previous weeks, but it was still an easy watch with two pretty solid matches.


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