PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 28: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want Review


This show is dedicated to the late Kris Travis, and the show starts with a moment of applause for Kris.

The Dunne Brothers (Pete Dunne and Damian Dunne) vs. Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven)

This was a very good showcase of two tag teams that don’t get enough love from PROGRESS. Pete Dunne especially is having one of the best years in the world and him getting a chance in PROGRESS is very exciting. Pete Dunne pins Trent Seven *** ¼

Ashton Smith vs. Damon Moser (Natural Progression Series III Semi-Final)

This was a perfectly fine match, although it seemed to lack any real emotion which is surprising given this is a semi-final match. Smith seems like a pretty good high flyer, while Moser does absolutely nothing for me. He feels like he is trying to emulate three or four different wrestlers instead of just being himself. Damon Moser pins Ashton Smith with a Knee Trembler ** ½

Pastor William comes out after the match and stares down Moser.

Jinny (w/Elizabeth) vs. Toni Storm

Another fine match. Jinny is slowly coming along as a wrestler, but she’s so good at her character that it doesn’t matter how she does in the ring. Toni Storm was great in this, bumping around for Jinny and then having an awesome fiery comeback that got cut off. Jinny pins Toni Storm with the Facelift ** ¼

After the match Jinny asks Elizabeth to help her cut Toni’s hair, she refuses and shove’s Jinny into a piledriver from Toni Storm. This story is progressing a little slower than I’d like, but the pop Elizabeth got for shoving Jinny shows that it is still working. Jinny throws an incredible temper tantrum on her way to the back.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Mark Haskins

This was a pretty good back and forth match that felt just a little bit too long and also took a little while to really get going. The chemistry wasn’t really there between these two, I don’t know whose fault it was but this was just good and nothing more. Mark Haskins pins Flash Morgan ***

Big Daddy Walter vs. T-Bone (Atlas Title Tournament A-Block)

This Atlas tournament is a round robin in the style of the G1, except there will be tag matches as well as singles matches which is a cool little twist. This was a really good big man match and exactly what you would hope for from this division, two big men just beating the shit out of each other. T-Bone pins Walter with a Frogsplash *** ¼

Marty comes out for his open challenge, he cuts a fine heel promo declaring the PROGRESS title a World title as he defended it at WrestleCon

Marty Scurll vs. Tommy End

This was a really weird match. It didn’t start off very well and then ended very suddenly as it just started to get good. I don’t hate it, as I am a big proponent of matches ending earlier than expected to make near falls mean more but it didn’t really work that well here. This was more to set up End as the next challenger to Marty’s title without giving away a full main event match, which is fine. Tommy End pins Marty Scurll with a spinning back kick ***

The Origin (El Ligero and Nathan Cruz)(c) vs. FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis)(NoDQ, PROGRESS Tag Team Championship)

This was a really long match with a lot of brawling to the outside with no real structure or sense of escalation, it kind of sucked. There were some cool spots and the last 5 minutes or so were fun, but at the end of the day this was just really boring and even the crowd didn’t seem that into it. Nathan Cruz pins Mark Andrews with a Tombstone onto a chair ***

Overall: 5.0

This was an uncharacteristically bad show even though my match star ratings may not reflect that, there were some good matches but nothing really stood out. Adding to that, some of the big matches didn’t really deliver or were just straight up bad. This felt more like a transitionary show than anything else.


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