PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 27: The Lost Art of Suffering Review


Between Chapter 26 and the last show it was announced that Marty Scurll will defend his title in a Thunderbastard match, which is PROGRESS’ equivalent of the Royal Rumble, against all of the former champions. Jim Smallman also announces that the next London show will host two qualifying matches for the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series and a tournament to crown the first Atlas Champion for wrestlers over 205 pounds. I love the idea of a Hoss Division and am very excited for this, it’s something really cool and different.

Damian Dunne vs. Pastor William Eaver (Natural Progression Series III Semi Final)

This was a pretty good opening match. Pastor William was super over as usual, which meant Dunne was strongly disliked and he played that off well with his interactions with the crowd. Eaver’s come back was very strong, although I wasn’t a huge fan of his selling. William Eaver pins Damian Dunne with the Clothesline from Heaven ** ¾

Jack Gallagher vs. Johnny Kidd

Johnny Kidd is a legendary World of Sport era wrestler who is currently on his retirement tour, and this is one of his final matches. This was a really interesting match that was almost exclusively an exhibition of technical prowess, until Gallagher got a little pissed off towards the end. The crowd didn’t quite buy into it all the way at time, which hurt it, but it was clear by the end they appreciated the match. Things got a bit too exhibition-y at times, but the overall match was fun and something you won’t see every day. Jack Gallagher pins Johnny Kidd with a jackknife pin *** ¼

Roy Johnson vs. Dave Mastiff (Wasteman Challenge)

This is Roy Johnson’s debut on the main PROGRESS shows, as he’s done this Wasteman Challenge on ENDVR shows once or twice. I have been really enjoying Johnson on those ENDVR shows but he was on top form on this show and cut a great promo. The match itself was nothing special, basically an extended squash of Johnson, although he did get in some offence. Dave Mastiff pins Roy Johnson with a cannonball **

Dave gets on the mic after the match and declares himself a part of the Atlas tournament, which is no real surprise.

The London Riots (Rob Lynch and James Davies) vs. Summerian Death Squad (Tommy End and Michael Dante)(Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, Losing Team Must Disband)

This had a very big fight feel to it, with a great video package beforehand recapping the feud. Unfortunately the match didn’t live up to the hype. This was partly due to the tables breaking too early and the ladders being difficult to set up, but mostly the match itself just felt very bloated. Given the length of the feud and the stakes involved the match going as long as it did makes sense, but after about fifteen minutes or so I found myself checking my watch to see if the match was over. Five or ten minutes could have easily been cut from this to make it great, but instead we got a pretty good match marred by shitty furniture. James Davies grabs the contract to win *** ½

After the match the two teams hug, Tommy End puts over the Riots on the mic, and James Davies thanks the crowd. This was a great way of crowning the London Riots as the future aces of the tag division and can’t wait for them to get the tag titles.

The Origin (El Ligero and Nathan Cruz)(c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Zack Sabre Jr (PROGRESS Tag Team Championship)

After a hell of a lot of stalling this match finally got going, although it also felt like it never really got going. This was a total by the numbers tag match, with everyone seemingly putting in the minimal amount of work except for the finishing stretch which is a huge disappointment given how good the challengers are. El Ligero pins Zack Sabre Jr with a low blow ** ½

Ciampa turns on Zack after the match and challenges him to a third match at Brixton, as the rivalry between these two will continue.

Thunderbastard (PROGRESS Championship)

The Thunderbastard match is basically Aztec Warfare with two wrestlers starting, one coming in every two minutes and eliminations occurring via pinfall or submission. This was a well put together match, with heavy spotfests broken up by Rampage Brown destroying everyone as well as the entrance of Marty Scurll. Zack Gibson was very heavily featuring in this match and was the glue that held the match together, hell of a performance by him. Marty Scurll pins Will Ospreay with a roll up *** ¾

Order of entry: 1. Mark Haskins, 2. Paul Robinson, 3. Zack Gibson, 4. Will Ospreay, 5. Mark Andrews, 6. Eddie Dennis, 7. Flash Morgan Webster, 8. Rampage Brown, 9. Marty Scurll

After the match Marty gets on the mic and declares he is not going to defend his title on the next show, Jim Smallman announces that Marty will then have to defend his title against Will Ospreay at WrestleCon.

Overall: 6.0

Two big matches on this show failed to deliver, and yet it was still a fun show that was super easy to watch.


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