PROGRESS Wrestling ENDVR 15 Review

Show Date: 13/3/16

Paul Robinson vs. Mike Bird

Robinson has been feuding with Bird’s tag partner, Mike Hitchman, recently which led to this match. Bird played a pretty good big man to Robinson’s scrappy, dastardly heel, and we got a pretty good opening match out of it. Robinson pins Bird with a curb stomp *** ¼

After the match Paul Robinson goes to attack Bird with a chain but is run off by Mike Hitchman.

DND (Cieran Donnelly and Danny Duggan) vs. Jack Sexsmith and Gimp

This was DND’s PROGRESS debut and they cut a heel promo on not being booked sooner, which was pretty good. This was a total comedy match as you’d expect, although as a fan of Sexsmith I enjoyed it more than others probably will be. Donnelly pins the Gimp with a roll up ** ½

Elizabeth (w/Jinny) vs. Bea Priestly

Short little squash match here, Elizabeth looked better than her match at the last ENDVR show. Elizabth submits Bea NR

After the match Elizabeth again teases turning on Jinny but decides against it. I am very excited for the eventual turn.

Dazzler Team (Darrell Allen and Earl Black Jr) and TK Cooper (w/Dahlia Black) vs. Sweet Jesus (Chuck Mambo and Pastor William Eaver) and Damon Moser

Sweet Jesus and Dazzler Team have been feuding a little bit on these shows while Eaver and Moser are still in the Natural Progression Series, which is why we got this match. The heels worked over Mambo for the heat, which itself wasn’t great but was helped by one or two fake hot tags. However, the finishing stretch was really good and heated. Damon Moser pins Earl Black Jr *** ½

David Francisco vs. Mike Hitchman

We got a very good match here built around Francisco working over Hitchman’s arm. The action never really got boring thanks to Francisco’s dynamic offence and cocky character keeping things interesting. Paul Robinson came out and hit Francisco with a chair to cause the DQ, leading to the two brawling and Jon Briley making a chain match between Hitchman and Robinson for the next ENDVR show which will probably be great. David Francisco wins by DQ ***

Roy Johnson vs. Kyle Ashmore (Wasteman Challenge)

This was basically an open challenge by Roy Johnson, who cut a fun heel promo before the match. This was a perfectly acceptable little squash match, nothing to write home about. Roy Johnson pins Kyle Ashmore * ¾

Ashmore gets on the mic and puts over Johnson, and then attacks him. This was really weird since Roy was a heel, Ashmore is a face, and nothing in the match telegraphed a double turn. To add to that, Johnson’s gimmick seems like it won’t work as well as a face. This will be an interesting story to watch going forward.

Jinny (w/Elizabeth) vs. Leva Bates

Leva Bates came out dressed as Kylo Ren and did some hip hop dancing, that doesn’t seem canon. I am on record as thinking Leva Bates is one of the worst wrestlers in the world, and while this was nowhere near as bad as some of her other matches it was by no means good. Thank god Jinny is a great heel or this would have been unwatchable. The big storyline point of this match was Elizabeth refusing to cheat on behalf of Jinny or cut Leva’s hair post-match. Jinny pins Leva Bates with an X-Factor ** ¼

Overall: 4.5

This show was a fairly easy watch, but there is nothing that feels like it was really worth the time bar maybe the six man tag or if you’re really invested in the Paul Robinson angle. There was nothing out right offensive about this show mind, it was just not a great show.


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