WWE Cruiserweight Classic 31/8/16 Review

Air Date: 31/8/16

Tonight sees the start of the quarter finals, with two incredibly exciting looking matches. Before heading to the first match Corey Graves runs us through the remaining matches of the tournament and throws to a video package for Gran Metallik and Akira Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa vs. Gran Metallik (Cruiserweight Classic Quarter Final)

Metallik has been one of the MVPs of this tournament so far, with two really great matches. Tozawa has been alright so far, with two very good matches but I am not sure he’s had that one really break out performance yet. And it’s a little ironic that he finally had the breakout performance here in losing. The story of this match was Metallik outwrestling Tozawa, causing Akira to fire the fuck up and go after him, unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough. Metallik getting to kick out of Tozawa’s finish felt like a really big deal as well, as finisher kick outs have been rarer this tournament, and really helped push this match up. Great showing from both men, I hope Tozawa ends up getting signed out of this. Gran Metallik pins Akira Tozawa with the Metallik Driver **** ¼

Brian Kendrick vs. Kota Ibushi (Cruiserweight Classic Quarter Final)

Brian Kendrick has had an incredible run so far, his grizzled veteran character is so damn good and different to everything else in the tournament. This desperate man, whose entire career is on the line here, against Ibushi, talked about as the out and out favourite to win, is a great match on paper and more so in reality. Kendrick’s desperation came through with him trying to get Ibushi counted out, or digging deep into his repertoire with the Sliced Bread, which he hasn’t used at all in the tournament, or the fucking Burning Hammer. That wasn’t enough to put down the Golden Star, who pulled out some of his own old tricks like the Phoenix Splash and the deadlift German suplex. Ibushi pins Kendrick with the Golden Star Powerbomb ****

Kendrick and Daniel Bryan hug in the ring as the show closes.

Overall: 6.5

In a year of great tournaments, the CWC is in the running as the absolute best and this was another all-time great hour of television.


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