PROGRESS Wrestling ENDVR 14 Review

Show Date: 3/1/16

ENDVR began as a showcase for members of the PROGRESS training school, aka the Pro-Jo, but as the company has grown it’s become more and more difficult to fit everyone on ENDVR shows and Chapter shows. To counteract this, ENDVR has become a place for the mid-level stars of British Wrestling and a new brand, PTNTL, used as Pro-Jo shows.

The show opens as usual with Jim Smallman welcoming everyone to the show, only to be interrupted by Jinny and Elizabeth. Jinny cuts an incredible heel promo on the crowd, she’s just so damn good at getting heat.

Elizabeth (w/Jinny) vs. Livvi

Jinny attacks Livvi before the bell, and Elizabeth takes advantage. This was alright, but it’s very clear both of these women are still very green. The match was more about getting over the relationship between Jinny and Elizabeth, with Elizabeth playing the role of lackey to Jinny. Livvi pins Elizabeth after miscommunication with Jinny * ¼

After the match Jinny berates Elizabeth and slaps her, Elizabeth almost fights back but stops. Jinny is so great as a heel Elizabeth’s eventual turn is going to go over so big.

TK Cooper vs. Earl Black Jr vs. Damon Moser vs. Pastor William Eaver

After a couple of shenanigans to start the match we get a really fun, fast paced four way match here. The match was built around putting Eaver and Moser over as they are in the semi-finals of the Natural Progression series, and it worked well in that regard. TK Cooper also came out of this looking very good, which is exciting as he rarely works singles matches. Damon Moser pins TK Cooper with the Knee Trembler ** ¾

Roy Johnson vs. Jack Sexsmith

This started with a legitimately very funny rap battle between the two. Sexmith and Johnson both have really cool, simple gimmicks that got over very big with me. The match itself was basically a comedy match, it was short enough to not be offensive and each guy had good enough characters to keep it interesting. Jack Sexsmith submits Roy Johnson with Mr Cocko **

Shen Woo and Paul Robinson vs. Mike Hitchman and Mike Bird

This was a pretty fun little match, Robinson, Hitchman, and Bird all worked well together. Robinson’s interactions with the crowd was also a real highlight. Hitchman and Bird win by DQ ** ¼

Darrell Allen (w/Earl Black Jr) vs. Chuck Mambo (w/Pastor William Eaver) (British Rules)

This match follows World of Sport rules, most notable being a series of 6 rounds each 5 minutes long. The match is won when somebody wins two rounds, either by pinfall or submission. The first round was fine, but it didn’t feel like a lot of the chain wrestling meant anything. The second round was better in this regard, with the through line of Allen working over the arm of Mambo. Mambo submits early in the third fall. Darrell Allen picks up the next two rounds fairly quickly. This was a cool idea for a match, and was fine but Mambo’s style doesn’t really fit the match type and while Darell wrestles well, there is absolutely no personality to him in the ring which really hurts things. Darrell Allen wins 2:1 ***

Dahlia Black vs. Pollyanna

This was a pretty good match that was really elevated by how over Pollyanna is, and Dahlia’s interactions with her and the crowd. Dahlia is obviously still a little green but everything she did her looked good, including a beautiful moonsault. Pollyanna carried much of the wrestling in this and god damn she has so much potential to be great. Dahlia Black pins Pollyanna with a running boot *** ¼

Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis

Hot start to this, with Dennis fighting for a title shot against The Origin on the next Chapter show. Solid match, with Mastiff on offence for the majority until Dennis just edges out a win. Eddie’s facials and selling were on point, but Mastiff working over Eddie was a little boring and lacked anything really dynamic. Eddie Dennis pins Dave Mastiff with the Next Stop Driver ***

Overall: 5.5

Perfectly fine show, nothing felt like a complete waste of time and everything had at least one positive about it.


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