PWG Lemmy 2016 Review

Show Date: 2/1/16

Brian Cage vs. Chris Dickinson

This is Dickinson’s PWG debut. What a weirdly paced match this was, it started off crazy hot with dives and all sorts of wackiness. After that things completely slowed to a crawl, and while the pace did increase again it never really got back up to the highs of the first few minutes. This is emphasised by just how long this match was, it could have very easily been a tight ten to fifteen minute long match and been very good but at almost twenty minutes it was just too damn much. Cage pins Dickinson with a Steiner Screwdriver ** ¾

Drew Gulak vs. Timothy Thatcher

Lots of grappling in this, as you’d expect, and apart from on one or two occasions it was all very uninteresting nor did it seem like it lead anywhere other than as just as something to do. This is another match that went far longer than it needed to and never really felt like it left first gear. Just boring. Thatcher submits Gulak with a Kimura **

Sami Callihan vs. Trevor Lee

Lots of stalling and bullshit in this match, there was some cool character work by Trevor Lee but that’s the most interesting thing about the entire thing. There was honestly very little about this match that stood out as entertaining or noteworthy. On the plus side this didn’t go nearly twenty minutes. Bleh. Callihan submits Lee to the Stretchmuffler ** ¼

Jack Evans vs. Drew Galloway

Drew has his best matches against smaller guys that he can just throw around, and his murdering of Evans in the early portions of this match was a great example of this. Even this match felt like it went a little bit too long, but it was easily the best thing on this show so far. Evans bumping all over the place for indie giant Drew Galloway was a hell of a lot of fun. Galloway pins Evans with the Futureshock DDT *** ¼

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Adam Cole

This was a very fun back and forth match. We got a real sense of escalation here which wasn’t present on any of the previous matches and so the length of it felt deserved. No real storytelling here, which is a shame especially considering Cole worked over Bailey’s legs for like a minute and then immediately stopped. Adam Cole pins Mike Bailey with a Brainbuster onto his knees *** ½

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Akira Tozawa

The atmosphere for this match was awesome, the crowd was going crazy for a solid two or three minutes before anything could even start. The match kind of peaked there as nothing really got passed “good” which is a major let down given the two wrestlers involved. Sabre pins Tozawa with a PK ***

Roderick Strong (c) vs. Chris Hero (PWG World Championship)

Roddy cut a promo on referee Rick Knox before this match started and demanded that the other referee take over this match. This was nicely paid off with Knox coming back after the replacement referee was taken out. Aside for some shenanigans this was a very good match, as you would expect from these two men. Again a bit of a disappointment given what both of these men are capable of, but still well worth the watch. Strong pins Hero with the Sick Kick *** ¾

After the match Adam Cole comes out to celebrate with Strong, who gets on the mic and tells the crowd he hates them. Zack Sabre Jr comes out, is homophobic towards the heels and reminds us all he is still the number one contender.

Strong is backstage pissed off and is gifted a signed Adam Cole 8×10 by Cole to calm him down. The fake friendship between these two guys is kind of interesting I guess, but not something I am super excited about to be honest.

Overall: 5.5

As an overall show this was a little on the weaker side, but the second half really stepped it up and provided a couple of quality matches. My major issue with PWG is that there isn’t really any variety on the cards anymore, you don’t get the Joey Ryan or Chuck Taylor comedy as much and everyone is just trying to have the same indie spotfest with apron bumps and fighting in the crowd. That was really highlighted on this show and I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come because PWG is a company I have really enjoyed in the past.


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