WWE Cruiserweight Classic 24/8/16 Review

Air Date: 24/8/16

This is the final show of the second round. The show opens with a recap of Triple H unveiling a trophy for the winner of the tournament, if I know wrestling someone is going to get that broken over their head.

Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

This was a super fun spot fest of a match, with a lot of cool dives and high flying moves. The match didn’t overstay its welcome, and allowed Lince to show a little more charisma than he has so far by mocking Swann’s dance moves. Fun opener. Rich Swann pins Lince Dorada with a Phoenix Splash *** ¼

We get a recap of the finish of the tag title match from Takeover, especially the work The Revival did on Gargano’s knee. Gargano is interviewed backstage about his match with TJP coming up. He cuts a hell of a babyface promo while Tommaso Ciampa gives him the side eye, I can’t wait until these two feud.

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Drew Gulak (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

Zack had a real let down of a match in the first round but we got a super pissed off Sabre in this against a man he’s had great matches with already in Gulak and my god what a match this was. This had so much emotion, Gulak refused to shake Zack’s hand to start the match which pissed Sabre off big time, and while I feel like a lot of the actually wrestling was carried by Drew both men put on a masterclass of a grappling. Zack Sabre Jr. pins Drew Gulak ****

TJ Perkins vs. Johnny Gargano (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

These two men had an absolutely incredible back and forth match with a wonderful mix of high flying, grappling, and high impact moves. It’s been said already, but Gargano selling a leg injury from a match that hadn’t even been taped yet was something special and Johnny is one of the best babyfaces in wrestling right now. TJ Perkins submits Johnny Gargano with the knee bar **** ½

Overall: 7.0

This was such a damn great show, with three awesome matches that were all so different. You got the high flying in the opener, grappling in the middle, and storytelling in the main event. This whole tournament started out a little bit iffy but the second round has been a real hoot and it can only get better.


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