WWE Cruiserweight Classic 17/8/16 Review

Air Date: 17/8/16

The second round of the Cruiserweight Classic continues with three more matches this week, unlike the two we got last week.

Jack Gallagher vs. Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

Gallagher was incredibly over here, and completely outwrestled Tozawa in the early portions of the match. This pissed Tozawa off, who was the first to throw any real strikes, but even then Jack dominated him. It was nice to see Jack being a little more serious in this match than last time, and Akira sold his leg and knee very well, although I would have liked to see him get some more offense in before getting the win. Akira Tozawa pins Jack Gallagher with the bridging German suplex *** ¼

Noam Dar vs. HoHo Lun (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

This is an interesting match between two guys who had fairly poor showings in the first round and, if you believe the rumours, are already signed for the upcoming Cruiserweight division. The match itself was fine as a random TV match, but that might not be enough at this point in the tournament. Noam has really failed to impress so far, hopefully he really pulls something special out in the quarter finals. HoHo Lun taps to a kneebar ** ½

Tony Nese vs. Brian Kendrick (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

I really loved Kendrick’s crafty veteran act from the first round, and he continued it here to the same success. Nese brought a lot of athleticism to the match, but it was really all about Brian bending the rules and trying to scratch and claw his way to victory. The crowd wasn’t really in love with everything that was going on, which definitely hurt it but the finished product was a pretty good little match. Brian Kendrick submits Tony Nese to the Bully Choke ***

Overall: 5.5

This second round has been really great so far, with only one match not delivering big time. The second round ends next week with three more exciting matches and I am very excited.


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