Sendai Girls 8/4/16 Review

Show Date: 8/4/16

Sendai Girls is an independent joshi company run by Meiko Satumura, who is in the main event of this show against legendary joshi wrestling Aja Kong. The main event has a lot of hype from people who know the scene far better than I do so I am very excited.

Kaho Kobayashi and Kyoko Kimura vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto and Mika Iwata

This match was billed as a tag match but was worked almost exclusively by Kobayashi and Iwata. They had a very fun, hard hitting sprint. Great way to open the show. Kaho Kobayashi pins Mika Iwata with a fisherman’s suplex ***

Aiger vs. Alex Lee

This was joined in progress and heavily clipped so won’t get a rating. Aiger has a weird, ghost gimmick and spent much of the match running around ringside scarring fans and Alex Lee’s second. This was fine as a comedy match. Alex Lee pins Aiger NR

Yoshiko vs. Cassandra Miyagi

Yoshiko is probably most well known as the woman who legit beat up Act Yasukawa during a match in Stardom, leading to Yoshiko being fired from Stardom and Act having to retire. I personally don’t like that companies are still booking Yoshiko after that incident, but that is a conversation for another day. Yoshiko started the match bullying Cassandra, although the tables turn during a pretty bad crowd brawling segment. Once they get back to the ring we get some bomb throwing and then the finish, the flow of this match was very weird, it didn’t have any real sense of escalation or drama. Lame match. Yoshiko pins Cassandra ** ¾

The two women brawl a little after the match and have to be separated, so this isn’t over. Great (!)

Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Nanae Takahashi

We got a really fun mix of dynamic mat work and hard hitting strikes from Nanae to start this match, who was in complete control. This lead to Hashimoto getting pissed off and going after Takahashi, but she just couldn’t overcome. I came out of this a big fan of Nanae Takahashi, who seemed to be able to blend several different styles of wrestling very well. Hashimoto did well for her part, and also had some beautiful transitions but Takahashi was really the star of this match. Nanae Takahashi pins Chihiro Hashimoto ****

KAORU and DASH Chisako vs. Syuri and Hikaru Shida

This wasn’t billed as a hardcore match but weapons were quickly used, funny how often that seems to happen. This was a bit of a garbage brawl with some really cool spots, I am normally into these kinds of matches but for some reason it just didn’t really connect with me as much as I would think and I am not sure why, several unprotected head shots especially didn’t help. DASH Chisako pins Syuri *** ¼

Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Aja Kong (Sendai Girls World Championship)

This had a real big fight feel to it and holy shit did they deliver. Aja Kong dominated for much of the match and played the monster role perfectly, with even a crowd brawling segment being super enjoyable, and sold just enough to keep the hope alive for Meiko. Satomura was also perfect as the underdog babyface fighting from underneath, selling everything Kong was doing to her like death while also dishing out some awesome comebacks. This was just an incredible, near perfect match with so much drama and excitement I can’t put it over enough. Meiko Satomura pins Aja Kong with a Scorpio Rising **** ¾

Overall: 5.5

Not a great show overall, but a classic main event that needs to be watched by everyone.


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