Pro Wrestling Revolver – Debut Show Review

Air Date: 10/6/16

This is a company started by Sami Callihan and their first show has a super wacky card featuring guys like Rhyno, Billy Gunn, and Bob Holly.

Trevor Lee vs. Rhyno

Trevor cuts a pretty good heel promo about how TNA is the best wrestling company, he’s been doing this gimmick in a few places and it’s kind of amazing. These two men had a pretty basic back and forth match, with Rhyno in control for much of it. Rhyno pins Trevor Lee with a Gore ** ½

PJ Black and Johnny Mundo are out next and taught the crowd, more boring stuff about how much Iowa sucks which is what Trevor was doing at the end of his promo. John moons the crowd for some reason as well. This obviously brings out Billy Gunn, who makes a lot of bad ass jokes. He is attacked by Johnny and PJ until Michael Elgin comes out to make the save because apparently they are best friends? This was a super weird segment that went on far too long and was incredibly boring.

AR Fox vs. Dave Crist vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Zachary Wentz vs. Chainsaw King vs. Connor Braxton vs. Kurt Stallion vs. KLD (AR Fox Open Invite Scramble)

Cool multiman match that was completely ruined by bad commentary that didn’t know who half the people in the ring were, was calling action different to what was being shown on screen, and wasn’t properly hyping the action going on. Better production would have made this something great because everyone involved worked super hard, but instead it was just kind of good. AR Fox wins with a 450 Splash ***

Jessicka Havok vs. Paco Gonzales

Squash match that last less than a minute. Havok pins Gonzales NR

Jake Manning vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Jake cut the same anti-Iowa promo we’ve heard before like every match so far. This was a super boring and overly long match with next to nothing going for it apart from the novelty of seeing Scotty. This show has been pretty bad so far. Scotty 2 Hotty pins Jake Manning with the Worm * ½

Tommy Dreamer vs. Arik Cannon (Extreme Rules)

This wasn’t really billed as extreme rules and commentary was confused when they started using weapons, but I guess it was. Another fine match, it was very much worked like an ECW-lite with some cool hardcore spots but nothing all that great. The match felt like it was plodding at times and went far too long, but was fine for what it was. Tommy Dreamer pins Arik Cannon with the DVD ** ¾

Tommy puts over Arik on the mic after the match in a nice moment.

Sami Callihan vs. Bob Holly

I never thought I’d say this about a Bob Holly match in 2016, but this was really good. A super fun, hard hitting sprint with both men legitimately looking like they were in a fight. Not only that but it was one of the few matches on this card that didn’t feel like it overstayed its welcome. Bob Holly pins Sami with the Alabama Slamma ***

Michael Elgin vs. PJ Black

Pretty solid big man, little man match here. PJ isn’t known to work hard on small shows like this, but he did just enough that it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Lots of power moves by Elgin, who was also going through the motions a little bit which is also fine given what this show was. Michael Elgin pins PJ Black with an Elgin Bomb ***

Billy Gunn vs. Johnny Mundo

Total house show match with lots of boring brawling on the outside, followed by a long control segment on Gunn leading to a comeback and the finish. I wasn’t really expecting much from this match and even then felt a little disappointed. Billy Gunn pins Mundo with the Fame Asser **

Overall: 4.5

This show was basically a local indie show with some star power that somehow made tape, I would not recommend watching this at all.


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