WWE Cruiserweight Classic 10/8/16 Review

Air Date: 10/8/16

The second round of this tournament begins this week, with two matches that were hyped at the tapings as some of the best in the entire year. The show starts with a really cool video package highlighting the tournament so far.

Gran Metallik vs. Tajiri (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

This was a damn good match. We got some really great looking mat work to start things off, which Tajiri kept going back to and doing so amazingly well. After that the two starting trading bombs with each other, Metallik didn’t go too over the top with his high flying but also impressed with a picture perfect tightrope elbow drop. It’s truly amazing that Tajiri is still working as well as he did back in the day even though his Wrestle-1 stuff was mediocre, it shows what happens when someone is motivated. Gran Metallik pins Tajiri with the Metallik Driver *** ¾

Corey Graves throws to the Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi video packages we got from earlier in the tournament, with added highlights from their first round matches.

Kota Ibushi vs. Cedric Alexander (Cruiserweight Classic Second Round)

This was a fucking incredible, epic match that built absolutely perfectly. After a short feeling out process, Cedric took control of the match and did amazingly well. Coming in as the clear underdog his facial expressions and the emotions they conveyed had everyone watching convinced he might actually win, even I did and I’ve read the taping results. His offence was the perfect blend of pretty and aggressive which worked so damn well. Ibushi was no slouch either, bumping like a man possessed and throwing in some of his own absolutely vicious looking strikes. In the end Cedric couldn’t overcome the odds but there is no doubt in my mind that this man is going to be a huge star. Ibushi pins Cedric with the Golden Star Bomb **** ½

We get a really nice post credits style moment with the crowd chanting “please sign Cedric” and Triple H coming out to take him away. This was a very special seeming moment that clearly meant a lot to Cedric and made me appreciate him even more.

Overall: 6.5

The first round of the CWC had some down moments, but if this episode is any indication as to what the next few weeks are going to be like I am almost giddy with excitement.


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