Lucha Underground 23/3/16 – Aztec Warfare Review

Air Date: 23/3/16

It’s time for Aztec Warfare 2! But first we get a video package of Pentagon Jr being confronted by Catrina who says Pentagon doesn’t have an invitation to compete in Aztec Warfare tonight.

Aztec Warfare (Lucha Underground Championsip)

It’s always difficult to review a match like this, obviously you can’t treat it like a normal match and talk about the work rate or all of that stuff. I will say this much, all of the wrestling was super fun and looked good. The one criticism is that it felt like there was just too much going on and they were trying to tell too many stories at once, to the point where things started to get lost and lose impact. That all made sense once Matanza made his debut though, as the entire match then became about him and his destruction of all of the major stars on the roster, sans Mil Muertes who was taken out by Pentagon Jr. Matanza was brought in perfectly, immediately coming in and destroying everyone so it’s clear he is someone to be afraid of. Hopefully with his introduction things will really start to pick up. Matanza wins by pinning Rey Myterio Jr. *** ¼

Order of Entry

  1. Fenix, 2. Rey Mysterio Jr., 3. King Cuerno 4. Argenis, 5. Johnny Mundo, 6. Joey Ryan, 7. Prince Puma, 8. Jack Evans, 9. Taya, 10. Cage, 11. Mascarita Sagrada 12. Marty “the Moth” Martinez, 13. Drago, 14. The Mack, 15. Chavo Guerrero Jr, 16. PJ Black, 17. Aerostar, 18. Dragon Azteca Jr, 19. Texano, 20. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina), 21. Matanza Cuerto (w/Dario Cuerto)


Overall: 6.0


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