Lucha Libre Elite Lucha Azteca 22/4/16 Review

Air Date: 22/4/16

Mascara Dorada vs. La Mascara (Liga Elite 2016)

After some very awkward looking matwork to start things off, we got a very fun sprint between these two with a lot of crazy dives and super stiff looking kicks. Dorada was bumping all over the place and made the mediocre La Mascara look amazing in the process. Mascara Dorada pins La Mascara with the Dorada Driver ***

Los Hell Brothers and Rush and co are shown backstage getting ready for their trios match next.

Los Hell Brothers (Cibernetico, Mephisto, and Sharlie Rockstar) vs. Rush, Pierroth, and Toscano (Best Two out of Three Falls)

The first fall of this was super brutal, lots of botches and general awkwardness as Rush and co had control. Pierroth wins the first fall for his team by pinning Cibernetico. The second fall was also super boring, and won by Los Hell Brothers to tie things up. The third fall was a little more interesting, with some great brawling between Rush and Cibernetico. Los Hell Brothers win the third fall by disqualification. Los Hell Brothers win 2:1 ** ¼

We get some highlights of the non-televised matches from this show as usual, including one with Super Crazy which I want to watch just to see how Crazy works in 2016.

Atlantis vs. Caristico (Liga Elite 2016)

Fine match here, we got some solid matwork to start things out. There wasn’t a whole lot of cool high flying, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but there were some cool flips from Caristico and a real sense of escalation leading to the finish. Atlantis beats Caristico ** ¾

Overall: 5.0

A very fun opening match and a solid main event hurt by a boring overly long trios match. Alright show overall.


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