WWE Cruiserweight Classic 3/8/16 Review

Air Date: 3/8/16

Tonight features the last few matches of the first round as well as the highly anticipated match between NXT tag partners Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Jason Lee vs. Rich Swann (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

As a huge fan of Swann, him being in this tournament was very exciting to me. Jason Lee is a guy that mostly works Zero1 and I have not seen very much of, and while he has some areas he could work on his strikes were great. Swann was obviously super over and put on a fun little performance here with Lee, good opening match. Swann pins Lee with a standing 450 ** ¼

Some quick videos on Gurv Sihra, who looks about 40, and Noam Dar.

Noam Dar vs. Gurv Sihra (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

This was maybe the worst match of the tournament so far. The crowd was almost dead silent for the whole thing, Sihra got in the majority of the offence and didn’t do a very good job, and Dar just showed nothing. This was a real disappointment. Dar submits Sihra with a kneebar * ¼

More video packages, you know the drill by now.

Jack Gallagher vs. Fabian Aichner (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

Very good match here that told a nice little story, Aichner tried to outwrestle Gallagher and when that didn’t he work he got frustrated and used his power advantage. Unfortunately this caused Jack to up the ante and eventually pick up the win. Last week I wrote that Zack’s style might not get over very well but Jack works a very similar style with a little bit more personality to it and that got over huge here, and has become someone to really look out for. Jack Gallagher pins Fabian Aichner with a corner dropkick *** ¼

An incredible video package sets up the main event and last match of the first round.

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

This was one hell of a match. The story being told of both these men wanting to advance but not hurt their friend was done masterfully and Tommaso deserves a lot of credit for that. From his hesitation in hitting Johnny with a knee strike, to his frustration after losing the match and being unsure about whether his friendship with Gargano can continue this was a superb performance. And don’t take anything away from Johnny Wresting, who wrestled from underneath damn near perfectly, taking the brunt of Ciampa’s offence and countering with big moves every now and then. Just a great match and performance by both men. Gargano pins Ciampa *** ¾

Overall: 5.5

This show didn’t start out very well but the last two matches saved things. There is a lot of buzz about the first two matches of the second round next week so I am very excited for that. The tournament overall has had a bit of a rocky start but there’s been enough good to great wrestling that I am still invested.


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