WWE Cruiserweight Classic 20/7/16 Review

Air Date: 20/7/16

This week’s episode starts with a recap of the matches from last week, before we head to our first match.

Tajiri vs. Damian Slater (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

Damian Slater is from Australia and did very well here, his mat work was clean, his strikes looked good, and his selling of his arm was superb. He looks like a very polished wrestler and is someone I could see getting signed out of this. Tajiri was his usual great self, coming into this tournament a lot of people were talking about how Tajiri has lost a step since leaving WWE but other than looking a little slower I thought he did well. My only complaint about this match would be that Tajiri spent a lot of time working over Slater’s arm only to win with a Buzzsaw kick making that arm work redundant, but I don’t think that hurt the match too much. Tajiri pins Damian Slater with a Buzzsaw Kick ** ¾

Some quick cool video packages on our next to competitors, Da Mack says he is inspired by Michael Jackson.

TJ Perkins vs. Da Mack (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

Very good match here. Da Mack has a lot of charisma and is a super entertaining personality but maybe leaves a little to be desired in the ring. Perkins looked like a complete star in this match, with a lot of really beautiful looking technical wrestling and fun high flying. One thing I will say is that a lot of Perkins’ submissions didn’t look like they were causing any damage even if they looked cool, but that is something that is true of a lot of wrestlers these days. Da Mack submits to a knee bar *** ¼

Some more video packages on Ali and Dorado.

Mustafa Ali vs. Lince Dorado (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

I am a big fan of Ali, who has been having a very good year so far in Freelance and DREAMWAVE. Dorado is a guy that has been around for a while but never really broke out as a top indie guy for some reason. This was described as being the best match on the tapings and boy did it deliver. Lots of crazy high flying from both men that even had Daniel Bryan speechless on commentary, including a crazy springboard Spanish Fly, a reverse 450 splash, and a sick springboard spike hurricanrana. Just crazy. Lince Dorado pins Mustafa with a Shooting Star Press *** ¾

Quick video packages on the next two guys as usual.

Akira Tozawa vs. Kenneth Johnson (Cruiserweight Classic First Round)

Solid match here, Johnson looked good and kept up with Tozawa, who admittedly was holding back a little. This match felt like it went a little bit too long for what we got, but still a solid effort from both men. Kenneth didn’t impress me very much here and I am not really sure why. Tozawa pins Johnson with a deadlift bridging German suplex *** ¼

Overall: 5.5

Four very solid matches here in an easy to watch show, if only Mauro was a little less annoying this would be perfect.


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