AAW The Chaos Theory 2016 Review

Show Date: 15/1/16

AAW is an independent company out of the Chicago area that uses a great mix of all the typical super indie talent as well as talent you can’t really see anywhere else.

Drew Gulak vs. Louis Lyndon

Good match here, I don’t believe I’ve seen much of Lyndon and he looked alright here. This was a total Gulak match though, with a lot of striking, chain wrestling, and grappling and Louis could have been replaced with anyone to get the same match. Drew Gulak makes Louis Lyndon submit ***

Kongo Kong vs. Dan O’Hare and Wheeler Yuta (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

This was a fun squash match with Kongo just killing two geeks. Kongo Kong pins Dan O’Hare **

Russ Jones and Ryan Boz come out and attack Kong after the match and lay him out. After which we see Eddie Kingston confronting Trevor Lee backstage ahead of their title match tonight.

Allysin Kay and Brittany Blake vs. Kimber Lee and Heidi Lovelace

Fine women’s tag match, Allysin Kay and Heidi were clearly the two best women on their respective teams and so carried the bulk of the match. Brittany is very green, but what she looked alright every time she got in the ring and Kimber Lee is just a bad professional wrestler. Heidi pins Allysin Kay with the Heidi-canrana ** ½

The Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter)(w/Buck Nasty)(c) vs. Zero Gravity (CJ Esparza and Brett Gakiya) (AAW Tag Team Championship)

Awesome, fast paced tag match here between a team of brutes and a team of high flyers. According to commentary these two have been feuding for a while having had several matches in the past, including a dog collar match which I really want to seek out. The finish of this was slightly overbooked with Esparza breaking up the pin on his partner a millisecond too late, which caused a lot of confusion and hurt the match a lot in my opinion. That said, it seems like this feud will continue which I am all for. The Hooligans retain *** ¼

Matt Fitchett is backstage with Davey Vega, they banter back and forth about Davey cheating to win the Heritage title last week.

Chris Hero vs. Sami Callihan (AAW Heavyweight Championship Number One Contendership)

This had a big match feel to it, and while I am not the biggest fan of Sami it’s nice to see him be appreciated and get given chances. This was a straight up fight between two grumpy assholes, both guys threw like a million strikes that all looked like they could knock someone out. The big complaint I have about this match is that the finish felt a little flat and like it came out of nowhere, great match otherwise. Sami Callihan pins Chris Hero with a bicycle kick ****

Drew Gulak cuts a promo backstage about how he wants to move up the rankings in AAW, good stuff from Drew.

Eddie Machete, Buck Nasty, and Connor Braxton vs. Shane Hollister, Markus Crane, and Matt Fitchett

Basically a cool down match here, few cool spots, few bits of comedy. Nothing to write home about. Matt Fitchett pins Buck Nasty ** ½

Ryan Boz (w/Gregory Iron, Benjamin Boone, and Russ Jones) vs. Abyss

This was a bit of a garbage brawl with crowd brawling and shenanigans from the Iron Curtain at ringside leading to Boz taking a nasty chokeslam into thumbtacks. This was more of an extended angle than a match, although it was somewhat enjoyable. Ryan Boz pins Abyss with a roll up ** ¼

Greg Iron cuts a promo in the ring while the rest of the Iron Curtain beat on Abyss. Kongo Kong comes out to make the save and clears house, a monster tag team of Abyss and Kongo Kong is something I can really get behind. Abyss and Kong challenge the Iron Curtain to a Monster’s Ball match at the next show, this was a really great promo from Abyss who has never been known as a great promo guy.

We get a series of short promos from Sami Callihan and Connor Braxton.

Davey Vega (c) vs. AR Fox (AAW Heritage Championship)

Hell of a match here, lots of great high flying as one would expect from an AR Fox match and some brutal bombs being thrown between both men. AR Fox may have been overtaken by a lot of his contemporaries but he is still one of the best high flyers in the world and this match is one of the reasons why. He can still pull out some of the craziest, dumbest spots I’ve ever seen. AR Fox wins the title with a 450 Splash *** ¾

Buck Nasty cuts a great crazy promo backstage with The Hooligans about his team’s dominance over the AAW tag division.

After that we get a reminder of how Eddie Kingston won the AAW title heading into the main event.

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Heavyweight Championship)

Another awesome match here, this felt super heated and you really bought the idea that these two hated each other. Trevor Lee was much more aggressive than I’ve seen him and completely held his own against the top tier brawler that Eddie Kingston is. I especially loved Trevor giving Eddie the finger before he got hit with the final spinning backfist for the finish. Eddie Kingston retains via spinning backfist ****

Kingston gets on the mic and puts over Trevor Lee. After that he calls out Sami Callihan, who came from the crowd and the two have another really heated exchange. One thing about Eddie Kingston is that he brings the anger out of his opponents and makes feuds seem much more real, which is missing from most wrestling.

Overall: 6.0

Good show from AAW, two great matches and several very good ones. I am actually quite excited to see Callihan take on Kingston at the next show.


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