Pro Wrestling ZERO1 1/1/16 Review

Show Date: 1/1/16

Pro Wrestling ZERO1 is an indie company in Japan founded by Shinya Hashimoto. The company had a lot of success in the early to mid-2000s but have not been doing as well in recent years, rarely even making tape.

The first two matches on this card are heavily clipped so will not be given full reviews, but what we got was fine opening match fair.

Masakado (c) vs. KAMIKAZE vs. Takuya Sugaware (ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Championship)

Solid three way match here, it felt a little bit plodding at times and there were a few botches but nothing that hurt the match too much. Masakado and Sugaware stood out the most in this for me, with KAMIKAZE sort of just being there a lot of the time. Masakado retains by pinning Sugaware with a reverse piledriver ** ¾

Mineo Fujita vs. Minoru Tanaka

Another solid match here, although there were a couple of comedy spots which I felt didn’t really fit and hurt the match a little. That said, we got a lot of quick pin fall attempts which kept the match exciting throughout the match. Fujita taps to the Minoru Special ** ½

Dangan Yankees (Ikuto Hidaka, Isami Kodaka, and Yuko Miyamoto) vs. Koji Kanemoto, Shinjiro Otani, and Tatsuhito Takaiwa

The dads are here to kick some young guys in the face, and I love it. The crowd was pretty hot to see the legends in action, which gave this match a big time feel to it. The veterans just beat into the young guys at every opportunity, while the Yankees did everything they could do disrespect the dads. Fun as hell match. Otani pins Hidaka with a Liger Bomb *** ½

Daisuke Sekimoto and Kohei Sato vs. Yuji Okabayashi and Ryouji Sai

Whether teaming or on opposite sides, I love when Strong BJ are in a match. And Sato has a goddamn sword, what’s not to love about this? This is everything you would expect, four big men just beating the crap out of each other, nothing fancy about it. If I had one complaint with this match it’s that it felt like it went very long with no real sense of escalation. Things got to a certain level and just sort of stayed there when everyone watching knows this guys have more in them. Kohei Sato pins Sai with a bridging German suplex *** ½

Hideki Suzuki (c) vs. Masato Tanaka (ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship)

Now this match had a sense of escalation. We got some alright mat work to start the match, leading into a striking exchange, and then the bombs were thrown. This is by no means a classic match, just another very good match on a card filled with them. God bless Tanaka who looks and works exactly as well as he did 15 years ago. Suzuki pins Tanaka with a double arm suplex *** ¼

Overall: 6.5

Solid is the perfect word to describe this show, nothing really blew you out of the water but nothing was out right bad.


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