Lucha Underground 16/3/16 Review

Air Date: 16/3/16

The show opens with Catrina confronting Fenix backstage in a spooky vignette. She talks about wanting Fenix’s powers so she can have life again. This was super weird, and not necessarily in a good way.

Disciples of Death (Barrio Negro, Siniestro de la Muerte, and Trece) (w/Catrina) (c) vs. Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc (Lucha Underground Trios Championship) (If the Challengers Lose they Must Leave)

This was a pretty fun sprint, it was pretty clear that the challengers would win given the stipulation but it now adds some doubt as to whether or not Mil will lose his title in the main event. The Disciples were complete placeholder champions and I hope they go away now that they have lost the titles. Angelico wins for his team ***

Rey Mysterio Jr. and Dragon Azteca Jr. are back in their secret hideout training place, Rey says Dragon Azteca’s training is complete and hands him an invitation to Aztec Warfare next week. Rey also has one so they are both debuting next week.

Texano vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco) (Bullrope match)

The Crew immediately leave Chavo, seemingly turning on him. These two are some of the two least interesting characters on this show, and while commentary kept trying to push this as a blood feud the heat just wasn’t there. It just went on too long and you didn’t get the impression that these two really hate each other. Meh. Texano pins Chavo with a sitout powerbomb **

Backstage Mil Muertes is beating the shit out of the Disciples of Death, so hopefully they are done with.

We see Dario at his new “temple,” he tells Black Lotus that Matanza is ready so they are going to go take back his temple. We get our first real look at Matanza, who is wearing Wyatt Family esque overalls with blood all over them. Badass.

Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) (c) vs. Fenix (Lucha Underground Championship)

This was an incredible, bloody, mask ripping brawl. These two work so well together, their Grave Consequences match from last season was a bonafide classic and so was this. Fenix’s never say die attitude works so well with Muertes’ aggression and monstrosity, this is best highlighted by Muertes cutting off Fenix’s attempt at a guardrail dive by throwing him into the crowd. Fenix responds by going for the exact same dive a couple of seconds later and connecting. This was a strong Match of the Year contender. Fenix pins Mil Muertes **** ¾

After the match Catrina gets on the mic and says that Aztec Warfare next week is for the title, Fenix will be entrant number one, and Mil will be number twenty. Fenix barely reacts as he celebrates in the crowd and looks like a megastar.

Overall: 6.0

Lucha Underground has a lot of momentum going into next week’s big show. This episode had a classic main event, a solid opener, and a completely skippable filler match in between. And now with the debuts of Rey, Dragon Azteca, and Matanza next week it feels like this company is on their way back to the highs of last season.


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