WWE NXT 24/2/16 Review

Air Date: 24/2/16

American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan) vs. Blake and Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss)

This was a super fun, high energy tag opener with Blake and Murphy doing well as the heels working over Gable. American Alpha are developing into a really great tag team, with Gable being absolutely incredible given how little time he’s been wrestling. Everything he does is just so smooth and pleasing to watch, I’d like to see him throw some matwork into his game but other than that he’s great. Chad Gable pins Blake ** ¾

We get a recap of the Sami Zayn/Samoa Joe match and angle from last week, leading into William Regal making a Two out of Three Falls match between the two in two weeks and teasing a big debut next week.

Apollo Crews vs. Christopher Girard

Girard is the former Biff Busick making his NXT TV debut. Girard brought a lot of aggression early in the match which I liked, but then worked a headlock for what felt like five minutes which is fine when you are working someone like Timothy Thatcher who can grapple with you but here it just didn’t work. Unfortunately Girard’s aggression didn’t bring any out of Crews and this ended up as just a match. Crews pins Girard with a spinout powerbomb ** ¼

Quick recap of the end of the Bayley/Carmella match from two weeks ago which lead to the tag main event for tonight.

We then get security footage of Dash and Dawson attacking Enzo Amore in the parking lot of the Performance Centre. I really liked this as it had an old school feel to it and reminds the audience that these guys exist in the real world and do things off camera, which is something that is lacking in all of wrestling.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bull Dempsey

Total comedy match, Ciampa did well as the grumpy asshole sick of Bull’s shit. Tommaso Ciampa taps Bull Dempsey with an armbar * ½

Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn cut promos on each other and their upcoming match backstage. Good stuff from Joe, Sami was fine.

Nia Jax and Eva Marie vs. Bayley and Carmella

I am a big fan of Eva’s titatron being just clips of her from Total Divas, she may be embarrassingly bad in the ring but she seems like she really gets her character and plays it well. This was a fine developmental tag match, cleanly worked but nothing spectacular. Eva Marie pins Carmella ** ¼

William Regal is backstage with Finn Balor, he tells Finn that he is coming up to being the longest reigning NXT champion and next week will take on the current longest running champ, Neville. That could be fun.

Overall: 5.0

Another 2016 NXT TV show, everything feels like it’s in a holding pattern and I just don’t know why. Nothing was bad, but nothing was blow you out of the water good either.


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