Lucha Underground 9/3/16 Review

Air Date: 9/3/16

The show opens with The Mack and Sexy Star in the back. Mack convinces Star to be in his corner for his match with Marty the Moth tonight.

Marty “the Moth” Martinez vs. The Mack (w/Sexy Star)

We got a pretty fun match here between two big guys who can fly surprisingly well. This was more of an angle to introduce Marty’s sister, Mariposa, who came out and scared Sexy Star mid match. Marty the Moth pins The Mack with a Curb Stomp ** ¼

Cool video package for Fenix, he wasn’t beating up masked men on the streets so maybe LU are learning to change up their vignettes.

Jack Evans is attacked backstage by Drago who is pissed, but is saved by PJ Black. The three have a super choreographed nunchuck fight until Aerostar comes in with his own glow in the dark nunchucks for the save. Silly but not super offensive.

Cage vs. Taya (NoDQ)

 This was originally going to be Cage vs. Johnny Mundo but Taya came out for the challenge instead. Cage was looking a little bit leaner here than usual. If you’re someone who doesn’t like intergender wrestling then this isn’t the match for you at all. Hell, I don’t inherently have a problem with it but was super uncomfortable at times with Cage throwing around and slamming Taya. I don’t think having women wrestle men is wrong, but to do it well the women need to get some offence in and always seem like they have a chance, where this was just a straight up mugging. Cage pins Taya with Weapon X *

We get an awesome commercial style vignette for Famous B, who claims to be able to make people famous! After that we see Ivelisse come out of Catrina’s office to meet Angelico and Son of Havoc. The trio will have a rematch for their titles next week, and if they lose they must leave Lucha Underground. So I guess they are winning.

Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) (c) vs. Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr (Lucha Underground Championship)

This was an absolutely great match. Muertes looked like an absolute monster who could only really be taken down when Puma and Pentagon worked together, and Puma and Pentagon’s crazy offence was a ton of fun. I particularly enjoyed when either Prince Puma or Pentagon Jr would do a series of cool ass spots and then just get punched in the face by Mil. Really really great match and even though Puma and Pentagon Jr both lost so definitively I don’t think they looked bad in defeat. Mil Muertes pins both Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr with a double Flatliner **** ½

After the match Fenix comes out and says that next week he is cashing in his Gift of the Gods Championship for a match with Mil. That has the potential to be amazing.

Overall: 6.0

One of the major complaints I have with LU this season is that it felt very stagnant and like nothing was happening, however with this episode and the upcoming Aztec Warfare it looks like this season is really heating up.


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