TNA iMPACT 19/1/16 Review

Air Date: 19/1/16

The show opens with Jeff Hardy calling out his brother Matt. Jeff warns Matt that putting his career on the line tonight is a bad idea, Matt disagrees and says he needs this win. There’s some metaphors about chess as well, honestly this was a little boring and went on too long. Tyrus interrupts the brothers and challenges Jeff to a match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus

Super boring match with Tyrus slowly working over Hardy’s leg until he gets DQ’d. Jeff Hardy wins by DQ DUD

Josh Matthews and Pope hype Feast or Fired next week, I actually kind of like the gimmick so I am excited for this.

The Wolves are backstage talking about how they’ve been the top of the tag division and aren’t afraid of Beer Money. They are attacked by Crazzy Steve and an unknown man.

Gail Kim(c) vs. Awesome Kong (w/Rebel, Jade, and Marti Bell) (TNA Knockouts Championship)

As much as I love the classic matches between these two, I really think TNA has overdone this match in the last few years. I feel like we’ve seen it like a million times. That said, this was good stuff and the finishing stretch including Gail hitting a gorgeous crossbody to the outside and the Beautiful People clearing ringside of the Dollhouse was hot. Fun stuff, just please stop doing this match and keep it special. Gail Kim retains via pinfall ** ¾

Beer Money are out to the ring next and call out Bram and Eric Young. Instead out comes Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz, the two teams banter back and forth and end up brawling outside the ring leading to a match.

Beer Money (Bobby Roode and James Storm) vs. Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz

This was a pretty basic match, almost a glorified squash match. Bobby Roode pins Jessie Godderz with DWI **

Matt Hardy and EC3 are shown backstage preparing for their match. After which we see Matt and Rebel checking up on Jeff Hardy and urging him to go to the hospital to get his leg checked out.

Kurt Angle is out next to announce the next wrestler on is farewell tour but is cut off by Lashley, Lashley cuts a surprisingly good promo on how upset he is about losing to Angle years ago and how he wants a rematch. Bobby was always really bad at promos and while this wasn’t a classic it was still far better than anything I’ve heard from him in a while.

After the commercial Lashley is talking backstage about Kurt Angle and is interrupted by Gabi from Tough Enough, who is not named.

Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs. Pepper Parks

Complete squash match here, I liked Bennett doing the Rainmaker set up into a punch like Gedo often does. Mike Bennett pins Pepper Parks DUD

Mike cuts a quick promo after the match again seemingly teasing more people are coming.

EC3 cuts a great promo on Matt Hardy in the back of an ambulance while Tyrus stares at him menacingly. Ethan has been on fire for a while now and this was no exception.

EC3 (c) vs. Matt Hardy (Last Man Standing)(If Matt Hardy Loses He Must Retire)(TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

It’s a real shame the crowd wasn’t super into this match because it was really really well done. Matt’s gradual heel turn as he becomes more and more desperate to beat EC3 was incredible and Ethan’s fiery comebacks were just plain awesome. Pepper in some cool looking hardcore spots which didn’t go too far and you have an almost must watch match. Yes having Matt Hardy as your top heel in 2016 might not be the best idea in the world but he’s a good placeholder until guys like Mike Bennett are ready for that role. Matt Hardy wins the title with the help of Tyrus. *** ¾

Matt cuts a promo with Reby and Tyrus by his side, he talks about how he bought off Tyrus which also explains the attack on Jeff and urging to go to the hospital from earlier in the night. Hardy hits EC3 with a con-chair-to to end the show.

Overall: 5.0

This was a rebuilding show, a lot of squash matches to establish and re-establish guys and a very good storyline driven main event. TNA has my attention, let’s see if they can keep this up.


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