WWE Main Event 23/2/16 Review

Air Date: 23/2/16

Bo Dallas (w/Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, and Heath Slater) vs. Darren Young

The Social Outcasts cut a fun little pre-match promo about getting matching biker jackets, it was better than it sounds I swear. This was an alright match, Darren Young seemed to be working a lot harder than Bo who was mostly doing comedy character stuff. That’s fine though, Bo and the rest of the Outcasts fill a roll and do it pretty well. Bo Dallas pins Darren Young ** ½

Paige vs. Naomi (w/Tamina)

Pretty good match here that got a decent amount of time. Naomi showed a lot of viciousness which I think is often missing from what I’ve seen from her so far. Her kicks and strikes looked like they were really doing some damage. Paige looked a little bit awkward at times but generally did very well selling herself as the sympathetic babyface and timed all of her come backs perfectly. Naomi makes Paige submit to a Modified Anaconda Vise *** ¼

We get a quick recap of Shane McMahon’s return from RAW.

Tyler Breeze vs. Ryback

This was basically a glorified squash match with Breeze bumping all over the place to make the newly heel Ryback look good. Breeze got some offence in but the finish was never in question. Ryback pins Breeze with Shellshock *

Braun Strowman (w/Bray Wyatt, Erik Rowan, and Luke Harper) vs. Fandango

Another total squash. Braun Strowman wins with a sleeper DUD

Overall: 5.0

A surprisingly good women’s match was by far the highlight of this show, personally I think the two squash matches should have been spread out or not be on the same show as that really dragged everything down. This is especially true since they both ended the show.


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