UR Fight Live: Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Air Date: 21/3/16

I don’t normally review single matches but this is weird and interesting enough that I had to. UR Fight is a weird show which featured a boxing match, a grappling contest, and a pro wrestling match. All commentated by Jim Ross and Quinton Rampage Brown, also featuring Riff Raff and Justin Roberts. This is the very definition of WACKY~! I am not going to review the rest of the show because I would be completely out of my depth, but it was all very weird.

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Best Two out of Three Falls)

The first fall here sees Kurt Angle playing a pseudo-heel, getting pissed off and going after Rey after Rey seemingly outwrestled him. Angle eventually wins the first fall with an Olympic Slam and then kicks Rey for good measure before going to a one minute break. The second fall came very quickly with Rey getting a flash pin off of a 619. Angle goes full heel in the third fall and gets a chair after a ref bump, which leads to Riff Raff to make the save, as you can hear JR question every decision he has ever made. The match itself was fine, it very much felt like a greatest hits show without all of the energy. Watch this for the wackiness of it all but don’t expect anything even half way good. Rey Mysterio wins 2:1 ** ½


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