Lucha Libre Elite Lucha Azteca 15/4/16

Air Date: 15/4/16

Ultimo Guerrero vs. Xtreme Tiger (Liga Elite 2016)

We head straight into our first match this week, with both wrestlers already in the ring. Lots of mat work to start this off, with the veteran Guerrero mostly in control. Eventually Ultimo gets pissed and just goes after the youngster with ring post powerbombs and brawling outside. The story of the rest of the match seemed to be Guerrero throwing everything he could at Tiger, only for Tiger to take it and give it all right back. These two put on one hell of a match. Xtreme Tiger pins Ultimo Guerrero with a double footstomp *** ½

After a weird bit with a Japanese woman interviewing fans, which is apparently a normal part of the show that I’ve been missing somehow, we head to the next match.

Rush and Dragon Lee vs. Argos and Caristico (Best Two out of Three Falls)

No waiting around here as Rush immediately goes after Argos and Caristico. This is a tag match between two sets of brothers. Very quick first fall with Lee pinning Caristico and Rush pinning Argos. The second fall was a long control segment by the heels, which included Lee ripping the mask of Caristico and Rush unmasking Argos for the DQ. Dragon Lee gets his masked ripped as comeuppance in the third fall, which is a bit more back and forth until Rush takes out the referee and pins Caristico with a low blow. Fine match but really not worth your time. Rush and Dragon Lee win ** ¾

We get highlights from some matches from earlier in the night which didn’t make it to the TV show which all look pretty fun.

Cibernetico vs. LA Park (Liga Elite 2016)

Cibernetico attacks Park before he can make his entrance. Cibernetico completely destroys Park with a flurry of punches to the outside and a lot of mask ripping. Park makes a comeback after a sweet dive to the outside and whips Cibernetico with the camera cable and parts of his own mask. THIS IS A GODDAMN SHOOT! Both guys are pissed now and are just beating the crap out of each other. The finish was super wacky and ruined what good work these two guys did, the referee was knocked down (twice in two matches, that’s some lazy booking) which lead to Park getting his mask ripped off, Cibernetico getting kicked in the nuts, and a roll up which inexplicably lead to a double pin. I am guessing neither guy wanted to do the job, which is a real shame because up until that point this was a really great match. Double pin fall *** ½

Overall: 5.5

Two awesome Liga Elite matches and a fine tag match, Lucha Azteca continues to be one of the more fun shows of the year.


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