WWE Superstars 4/3/16 Review

Air Date: 4/3/16

Neville vs. Viktor (w/Konnor)

A rare singles match for Viktor here, maybe he can pull off something impressive without Konnor dragging him down. This was one hell of a sprint, Viktor worked well as a base for Neville and pulled out some stiff shots of his own, Neville’s chest was bright red by the end. While it was more of a showcase for Neville, Viktor made the most of his opportunity and looked great here. Get rid of Konnor asap and let this guy work singles. Neville pins Viktor with the Red Arrow ***

RAW recaps act as a buffer before our main event.

Summer Rae vs. Natalya

 Another damn good match. Summer’s selling and general movements looked a little bit awkward at times but she had a long control period in this match which never got boring, especially with all of her character work between moves. Natalya also had the problem of popping right up and no selling things at times which was a little bit annoying, the finish came when she beautifully transitioned Summer’s Indian Deathlock into a Sharpshooter. Summer Rae taps to the Sharpshooter ***

Another RAW recap ends the show.

Overall: 5.5

God damn this was a good show, two surprisingly awesome matches this week. Shows like this are why the C-shows can be worth watching.


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