WWE Superstars 19/2/16 Review

Air Date: 19/2/16

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

I think this is the first women’s match I’ve seen on Superstars this year, and what a weird first match. Three quarters of the match was Alicia begging off and shouting at the ref and the crowd, which while entertaining at first got very boring very quickly. Barely a match after that. Alicia Fox taps to the Sharpshooter * ½

After some more video packages and recaps, we head to the main event.

Jack Swagger vs. Fandango

The C-show ace is here against the man who can’t even have a good match on C-shows. These two worked hard, which is always the case for Swagger, and the crowd was into Jack’s comeback but this was very much just a match. Credit to Fandango though, he had a lot of cool dynamic offence in his heat segment that I enjoyed, perhaps there is still hope for him yet. Fandango taps to the Patriot Lock ** ¼

We get Strowman/Big Show from RAW to end the show.

Overall: 4.5

This was one of the weaker episodes of Superstars, but the main event was solid enough to make it worth watching.


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