Lucha Libre Elite Lucha Azteca 8/4/16 Review

Air Date: 8/4/16

La Mascara vs. Atlantis (Liga Elite 2016)

This match was set up in the main event from the last show, I appreciate that they have some storyline build to these tournament matches. This was a pretty solidly worked match, both guys looked good. We got some mask ripping by La Mascara which is always fun and continues the feud that started last week between these two. La Mascara submits to La Atlantida ** ¾

Toscano, Maximo Sexy, and Marco Corleone vs. Hell Brothers (Mephisto, Cibernetico, and Sharlie Rockstar) (Best 2 out of 3 Falls)

Before this match could start, LA Park and his son were shown entering Arena Mexico. The first fall got a decent amount of time, highlighted by some nice dives by the faces who won the first fall by pinning Mephisto and Cibernetico. The second fall was nothing special and featured a long comedy segment with Marco Corleone and Memphisto which did next to nothing for me, and to the surprise of no one the heels win that fall so the match goes to the third fall. The third fall also went by super quickly with the heels dominating until Cibernetico getting distracted by LA Park and his son who were sat at ringside which led to the faces getting roll up wins. The match overall was alright, if a little boring at times. Marco Corleone and Toscano pin Mephisto and Sharlie Rockstar ** ¼

LA Park cuts a promo in the ring with his son, which sets up a match between Park and Cibernetico next week as part of Liga Elite. For those that don’t know, LA Park is the original La Parka (the one from WCW) who lost the name to AAA.

Volador Jr. vs. Caristico (Liga Elite 2016)

This is another match that was set up in the main event from last week. Pretty damn good match here, lots of high flying and cool dives from both men. Volador started the match wearing his mask which he had lost a few months ago to a lot of heat which I thought was great. Caristico wins with La Mistica *** ¾

Overall: 5.5

Not as good a show as last week, and I think I liked Tiger/Dorado from last week more than the main event this week, but still a damn easy watch. There is still a bit of a disconnect with me and lucha libre but shows like this are really helping bridge the gap. Good stuff.


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