Lucha Libre Elite Lucha Azteca 1/4/16 Review

Air Date: 1/4/16

Lucha Libre Elite is an independent lucha company that is affiliated with CMLL that runs out of Arena Mexico and uses a whole bunch of wacky talent. This is their first TV show and features a round robin tournament to determine the company’s first champion.

Rush vs. Bobby Lashley (Liga Elite 2016)

I wasn’t lying when I said Elite uses some wacky talent, here you have one of the top stars of TNA taking on one of the top stars in CMLL in a match that no one ever thought would have happened, nor do I think anyone would have asked for. Rush comes out to Chris Benoit’s old theme song in the most lucha thing I’ve seen. This was a pretty solid back and forth match, we got a lot of really great heel character work from Rush who kept arguing with the referee leading to the finish of Lashley spearing him when Rush was distracted. Lashley didn’t look too out of place here, I am interested to see what he can do against some of the more traditional luchadors. Lashley pins Rush with a spear ***

Xtreme Tiger vs. Mascara Dorada (Liga Elite 2016)

Xtreme Tiger is of course Tigre Uno of TNA “fame.” Seems like a heavy TNA presence on this show. This was just a really great fast paced match with two young guys going all out with crazy dives and high flying, including Tiger hitting Dorada with an incredible top rope leg drop to the outside that must be seen to be believed. These are two guys that have been horribly misused by TNA and NJPW respectively and they showed here what those companies missed out on. Great match. Mascara Dorada pins Xtreme Tiger *** ¾

La Mascara, Ultimo Guerrero, and Volador Jr. vs. Atlantis, Mistico (II), and Caristico (Best 2 out of 3 Falls)

Caristico is the original Sin Cara and Mistico, which makes him teaming with the new Mistico here quite interesting. Caristico has been positioned as the top star in Elite and that seemed to still be the case here with his entrance and how he was treated throughout the match. This is a more traditional two out of three falls lucha match, although it seems like it has been edited weirdly. The first fall saw the heels completely destroy the faces, which Mistico submitting to a wacky submission by Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis getting pinned by La Mascara. The second fall came super quickly as well with Mistico and Caristico making come backs with twin dives leading to Atlantis making Ultimo Guerrero submit.  The third fall went a lot longer, which begs the question why this wasn’t just a one fall match but I am told that is true of most modern lucha matches. We got some great sequences between Volador Jr. and Caristico, as well as Mascara and Mistico and Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis. The match was a lot of fun overall, although it was definitely the weakest on the card. Volador Jr. pins Caristico to win ** ¾

Volador Jr. cuts a promo after the match challenging Caristico to a mask vs hair match and La Mascara challenges Atlantis to a mask vs mask match.

Overall: 6.0

Very easy to watch show with two pretty good matches and one great match. I am very excited for the future of this company.

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