Revolution Pro TV S02E02 Review

Air Date: 31/3/16

The show starts with a highlight package of Flash Morgan Webster vs. Pete Dunne from High Stakes, check out my review of that match and the whole show here. It was a pretty good match but this package made it look like it was amazing, which I guess makes it a success.

James Castle (w/Josh Bodom) vs. Flash Morgan Webster

Bodom got thrown out fairly early in the match for interfering. This match had a fairly long Castle control period which was pretty boring, but then Webster made a decent come back and we got some good back and forth action. I am not really a fan of either of these guys but this was a solid opener, nothing spectacular but worth checking out I’d say. Flash pins Castle with a roll up ***

Bodom and Castle beat down Webster after the match. We then get video of Bodom attacking Donovan Dijak, which came off really well and Dijak refusing to back down made him look awesome. The rematch between these two is signed and I really can’t wait.

Marty Scurll vs. Timothy Thatcher

On paper this match looks like it could be very good to great and it boy did it deliver. It can’t be overstated how good Timothy Thatcher is, his selling and facial expressions are so great and really draw in the viewer. Scurll was great in this match too and kept up hold for hold with Thatcher which is something not everyone can do. The story of this match was Scurll trying to out wrestle Thatcher until he eventually gets frustrated and reverts back to his old heel ways with eye pokes and throwing Tim into the turnbuckles. The finish kind of came out of nowhere with Scurll reversing a suplex attempt into the crossface chicken wing to tap Thatcher, but it worked to keep both men looking strong and not hurt the match itself too much. Scurll makes Thatcher tap to the crossface chicken wing **** ¼

Overall: 6.0

Another awesome episode with a main event that delivered in spades and an opening match that did its job and didn’t out stay its welcome. Check this show out.


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