WWE NXT 27/1/16 Review

Air Date: 27/1/16

American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan) vs. Blake and Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss)

This is the first time Gable and Jordan are using their new team name, which gets a strong chant at the start of the match. This match was basically a showcase of American Alpha, who both looked really good. Chad Gable gets a lot of love, deservedly so because he’s great for someone so new to wrestling, but Jason Jordan was damn good here and showed great babyface fire. Chad Gable pins Murphy ** ½

Emma and Dana Brooke are backstage talking about Emma’s match with Carmella next week and their match with Bayley and Carmella from last week. Pretty good promo by these two, Emma works really well as a heel and Dana has come a long way.

Nia Jax (w/Eva Marie) vs. Liv Morgan

This was a nothing squash match that went maybe 2 minutes and had zero heat. Nia pins Liv with a leg drop DUD

Carmella is backstage responding to Emma’s promo from earlier in the night, nothing special here. Cass and Enzo are also with her and cut a very good promo on Dash and Dawson. One thing I was always worried about is if Enzo and Cass could do well at being more serious and they showed they could here, these two could and should be big stars.

Bull Dempsey vs. Alex Riley

Good ole ragey Alex Riley is back, and surprisingly over with the Full Sail crowd. Another boring squash match that went super short and had no heat. Hopefully I don’t have many more A-Ry matches to watch in my future. Riley pins Bull with a running knee strike DUD

Riley is backstage after his match talking about how he feels disrespected by the WWE, for as boring as he is in the ring the man can cut a decent promo.

Elias Samson vs. John Skyler

ANOTHER boring two minute squash. The most interesting thing about this match was Skyler slapping the hell out of Sampson and then getting killed for the finish. Samson pins Skyler with a neckbreaker DUD

The Hype Bros are backstage talking about clubbing, chicks, and zubaz. Yeah. It was weird, but also kind of awesome.

Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn (NXT Number One Contendership Match)

This was a pretty paint by numbers triple threat match honestly. Not to say the match was bad, it was solid and well worked with some nice moments but it didn’t light the world on fire or anything. The finish was pretty silly with both Sami and Joe getting Baron in submissions leading to the tap out and confusion. Why Joe would put Corbin into a submission while Sami still had his applied instead of breaking it up I don’t understand, it just doesn’t make sense to me unless Joe knew he couldn’t win the match legitimately which sort of goes against the badass Samoa Joe character, even if he is a heel. No Contest ** 3/4

Joe, Sami, and the referee stand around confused and Regal comes out stating he’ll figure things out for next week after reviewing the tape. Awkward finish to an awkward show.

Overall: 4.5

I think my rating for this show is being very generous, this show had two okay matches and maybe two decent promos and a lot of filler and squash matches. Very weak show that I would not recommend watching.


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