Revolution Pro TV S02E01 Review

Air Date: 24/3/16

After a lengthy absence, RevPro TV is finally back. The show now airs on RevPro’s pivotshare, it’s free for the first few days and then is put into the archives.

Matt Nathan vs. Rob Lias

This was a contender’s match between two young guys. Sort of like NJPW’s Young Lions. Lias worked heel in this match and looked the more impressive of the two, including a gorgeous transition from a backbreaker into a bridging submission. Nathan looked solid here as well, my only real criticism is that he tried to do a few power moves which looked ridiculous since he looks like a strong gust of wind could knock him over. Solid stuff though and I am excited to see how these two progress. Rob Lias makes Matt Nathan submit ** ¼

After that we get a really cool segment of Zack Sabre Jr and Marty Scurll celebrating Zack’s title win at High Stakes with a load of other guys. That leads into an in ring promo between the two on this show. Marty claims he won’t go after the title as long as Zack has the title and instead offers to reform their tag team. The direction with this is obvious with Marty turning on Zack down the road after a short Leaders of the New School reunion, I could see why people may not like this angle since it’s a little bit played out, but I am willing to give it time to see where it goes. Marty was great here as usual, while Zack still comes across as a little awkward on the mic.

Josh Bodom vs. Donovan Dijak

This was Dijak’s RevPro debut and what a way to make a debut! This match went about 10 minutes and had everything from cool high flying to crazy high flying, with Bodom hitting an awesome cannonball senton on Dijak over the crowd that really has to be seen. The story of this match was really the power of Dijak against the agility of Bodom, although Dijak showed some agility of his own with a very cool springboard corkscrew superman punch. These guys told a compelling story and put on one hell of a match in a relatively short amount of time, watch this match. Bodom pins Dijak with a Bliss Buster *** ½

Overall: 5.5

Watch the main event and the ZSJ/Scurll promo, probably skip the opener. Man it’s good to have RevPro TV back.


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