Lucha Underground 24/2/16 Review

Air Date: 24/2/16

The show starts with a video of Vampiro talking to Pentagon Jr about how he took back control of Ian’s body. Cool little video.

Jack Evans vs. PJ Black

Evans got on the mic before the match and cut a pretty cool heel promo calling himself the Dragon slayer again. This is a bit of a dream match between two big time high flyers. These two had a nice little match, until Drago came in for the distraction. There were some shenanigans and Jack got the roll up win after PJ accidently got hit with the mist. Jack Evans pins PJ with the backslide ** ½

King Cuerno vs. Killshot

Very good back and forth match here. Killshot has been really impressing me his last few outings, and the same is true for King Cuerno. The only major knock on this match is that the crowd didn’t seem into it at all, which is a shame since these guys were working very hard. Cuerno pins Killshot with Thrill of the Hunt *** ¼

Cuerno teases hitting Killshot with the Thrill of the Kill, but Fenix comes out to stop him.

Texano vs. The Crew (Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro) and Chavo Guerrero Jr (Gauntlet match)

Cisco was knocked out with a superkick immediately. Texano and Cortez had a bit more of a back and forth, which was alright I guess, but then Castro got pinned with a sit out powerbomb. Chavo was in last and had about the same amount of offence as Cortez. Nothing special match, it seemed like they teased some dissention between Chavo and Castro at the end. Chavo pins Texano with help from Cortez Castro **

Dario Cuerto tells Black Lotus about how Matanza killed their mother who used to beat them. I have been really enjoying the slow build revealing the backstory of Matanza, his eventual debut is going to be crazy.

Pentagon Jr demands a rematch with Prince Puma from Catrina, it’s revealed that she is basically magic and teleports around the room. I’ve heard some people in reviews not like this segment as they feel Catrina having some kind of magical powers a line too far, I don’t understand those people since from the start of season 1 it was implied that her and Mil Muertes were supernatural in some way. This might not even have been the first time she’s done something like this.

Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

Fine match which sort of suffered from Cage trying to get all of his stuff in, which is a common criticism of his work. Mundo starting selling his leg at one point, and then immediately stopped and that whole bit went nowhere which is a shame. Johnny Mundo pins Cage after interference from Taya Valkyrie ** ¾

Taya and Mundo beat down Cage after the match, good debut for Taya.

King Cuerno tries to cash in his Gift of the Gods title, but is denied by Catrina who makes a ladder match between him and Fenix for the title next week.

Overall: 4.5

Decent show, I don’t have any complaints other than maybe the gauntlet match but even that was short. Something about this episode just didn’t have the same energy as previous episodes and I honestly don’t know why. Everything delivered, but something felt off. The whole show feels like it’s in a bit of a holding pattern.


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