Lucha Underground 17/2/16 Review

Air Date: 17/2/16

The show starts with Ivelisse storming into Catrina’s office. Ivelisse wants a rematch for the trios titles, but instead Catrina puts them in a match with another trio. Decent enough segment.

Angelico, Son of Havoc, and Ivelisse vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and The Crew (Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro)

Fine match that was more of a showcase for the faces than anything. Angelico looked far and away the best person in this match but he was also the only person really allowed to shine. Angelico pins Cortez Castro with a double stomp ** ½

After the match Texano Jr comes out and goes after Chavo and The Crew.

We get a video package of Johnny Mundo dropping some facts. He cuts a pretty decent promo talking about how he’s been disrespected and wants the title and will go through Cage to get it. Mundo was never really a great promo but this was pretty good.

Joey Ryan is backstage making fun of Castro for losing earlier. Ryan talks about how he is a better cop than Castro. Good stuff from Joey but this is still a weird angle.

Joey Ryan vs. Cage

This is a match between two PWG regulars, which is a smart way to debut Joey. This was a very funny PWG style match with the two just throwing bombs and each other from the get go. I am always a little iffy on Joey Ryan but he looked awesome here. Having him lose his debut might be a little odd, even though LU has done similar in the past, but I think Cage needed the win more here anyway. Cage pins Joey Ryan with a Steiner Screwdriver *** ¼

Johnny Mundo comes out after the match and goes after Cage, who eventually gets the upper hand and hits Mundo with Weapon X. The crowd was crazy hot for this and the eventual match between these two has the potential to be great.

We get a video of Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca training. He tells Azteca of the history of Dario Cuerto Sr and the original Dragon Azteca. They were trying to find the descendants of the seven tribes but Dario got too involved with the dark arts, even sacrificing his son Matanza to them. The two parted ways and agreed to never get involved with each other again. Rey warns Azteca not to go looking for revenge or he’ll bare the same fate as the last Dragon Azteca but instead try to unite the seven tribes. This was a very story heavy video package which I appreciate since last season didn’t really touch on a lot of the deep mythology of the show.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

This had a big match feel to it and these guys delivered. This wasn’t a great match by any means but was a hell of a lot of fun and built nicely. I hope the controversial finish means we get more matches between these two, even if it doesn’t make sense to book your two biggest stars against each other too often but it’s something I’d like to see again. Prince Puma wins by pinfall *** ¾

Overall: 5.5

This show had a much better mix of storyline stuff and good matches, with all three matches delivering especially the main event. Hopefully this is the start of the show getting back to where it was last season.


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