Lucha Underground 10/2/16 Review

Air Date: 10/2/16

Bengala vs. Kobra Moon

Bad squash match, I really dislike Bengala but he looked like Kenta Kobashi in here against Kobra. She is clearly super green so I am not going to bury her too much, but why LU would put up someone so obviously not ready for TV is beyond me. Kobra Moon wins with a Snake Sleeper *

Catrina is in her office with Fenix, who wants another match with King Cuerno.

After that we get a promo package which shows Aero Star a millennia ago deciding to come to the present to help unite the seven tribes. So apparently Aero Star is a time travelling rocket ship now? Huh.

Catrina meets with King Cuerno, she is upset Cuerno didn’t completely take out Fenix. They tease Cuerno going after Mil but instead Catrina makes a Last Luchador Standing match between Fenix and Cuerno. Sweet.

Jack Evans vs. Drago

Very fun back and forth match between these two, there wasn’t as much high flying as you’d expect between these two which even surprised commentary but the match was worked at a fast pace and everything looked good. Things were a bit iffy early on as it looked like their timing was a little off, but after the first few minutes everything looked fine. Jack Evans pinned Drago with a backslide and his feet on the ropes ***

Evans got on the top of the announce table and declared himself the Dragon Slayer. I felt Jack was pretty underutilised last season so if this means a bit of a push for him I am all for it.

We get a promo package for Texano Jr. and his feud with Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Blue Demon Jr. More beating up of random masked guys which is already a very annoying trope.

Catrina meets with Prince Puma, they confirm that Konnan is indeed dead. Catrina cut a pretty good promo basically taunting Puma.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno (Last Luchador Standing)

Really fun brawling match. Fenix is such a good sympathetic babyface it is unreal, his selling makes you real feel for him and makes his comebacks so much better. My only one complaint would be that he goes from complete death to making his comeback a little too quickly but that’s not a huge issue in my opinion. Cuerno is a guy I don’t normally like but this little series with Fenix and a few matches from the end of the last season made me a fan. Fenix wins after putting King Cuerno through a table *** ½

Here’s where things get really weird. We get a video package showing that Cortez Castro from The Crew is actually an undercover cop called Ricky Reyes who is searching for Dario Cuerto. He is assigned Joey Ryan to help him bring down Dario.

Overall: 5.0

Not the best episode, with the last two matches being pretty good and the opener sticking the place out. This felt like a pretty promo heavy episode, which is fine and something you need every now and then but it leads to boring episodes. Honestly Lucha Underground isn’t blowing me away this season and some of the angles, Castro being an undercover cop and Aero Star being a time traveller, might be pushing the weird line a little too far for my tastes. But it is still early in the season so maybe things will ramp up soon.


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